Tricolor in Early Light

Bayou Sauvage NWR is supposedly the largest refuge within city limits in the U.S. It used to be a reliable place for bird photography, sadly no longer the case. And July 2013 was very productive for me. Although this was taken at 6:45 AM, and yet the raw file seemed too warm. I attempted to tweak the color balance with channels, but can’t be sure I got it right. Suggestions on balance or anything else are as always invited.

E-5 Zuiko 300 F/2.8 +EC-14, Wimberley I
ISO 400 1/400th f4.5 +1/3EV

Attached is a downsized copy of the original.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I have difficulty with color myself, but FWIW I like what you have done. It’s a very nice shot with nice light and backgrounds.

These wildlife refuges seem to change a lot over the years. Perhaps this one will come back. The one closest to me has gone through floods and draughts and just when I think I’ve figured it out, everything changes.

The original does look rather warm, but not unrealistically so for certain conditions, Bill. However, I do like your adjustments. It still retains a very warm feel without looking gaudy. A very nice pose and you also tamed the out of focus vegetation nicely.

I am really enjoying the light, the color especially in the first post, and the composition here. I think the contrast in the first image with a little less warmth works better for me.

I like the adjustments you made on the original. A nice shot.

Love the warm light. Composition works, but my eye keeps wanting to move the heron slightly to the left to further decenter?

Appreciate the input on this, guys. I think that a combination of early morning and atmosphere made the color balance lean too far to the warm. @David_Bogener, you may have a point. I sometimes tend to get my vertical subjects too centered. I find vertical comps a little awkward to pre-frame to my liking. In this situation since it’s 4:3 aspect and the bird is standing tall, maybe a 2:3 aspect with just a hair off the RHS would work.