Walden ponds trees in fog 2020

Another from the other morning’s magical shoot in fog. This happens to be the same subject in my last post. The fog was so thick that, from this vantage, I could only barely make out the other side of the pond.

What do you like about it and what would you change?

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any. Is it too white for your tastes?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

nikon d610
nikkor 70-300
1/50 sec
ISO 100
190 mm

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This is so light that I wasn’t sure if an image was appearing on the screen. I added a white frame and that seems fo help me see the composition better.

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Works great for me. I can see it fine with or without a frame. No suggestions here. A real nice high key, dreamy presentation.

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Matt, another inspiring image from that foggy morning. This type of high key treatment works very well in thick fog. I’m definitely feeling the "Zen’ here. This image has a very gentle, calm feeling, and packs a lot of emotion. This should be a worthy addition to the non-representational section of your WIP website.

I think Igor has a good point on the border helping to make the trees slightly more visible. But if you don’t to use a border, a slight shot of TK Dehaze helps too. LR dehaze at like <5 would do something similar.

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I also like this image; it’s simple and clean and that makes it quite appealing. Another plus is if you were to ever print this, you’d use very little ink :wink:

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I like the presentation as is. It is exciting to have to look a bit longer to sort of see the trees appear through the mist! I like the x shape created by the angled trees and their reflection. The bird is a nice bonus, it’s a bit close to the edge of the image, but it does add something!


Spelndid image, etheral and suspended in space and time… one almost feels the muffled sounds in the fog. An apparition that could well be a product of the Solaris ocean…

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Thanks very much for your feedback, @Igor_Doncov, @Tom_Nevesely, @Harley_Goldman, @Antonello_Provenzale, @Ron_Jansen, and @Ed_McGuirk. I appreciate all of your suggestions and compliments,

Igor, thanks for reposting with a white frame. It really makes a positive difference.

Harvey, glad you like it.

Thank you, Ed for sharing your emotional response. That’s what I’m after. Regarding the de hazing, I actually brought it down from where I preferred it to this level for this audience and I’m willing to take your advice for even more. Thanks.

Tom, glad to hear you like it simple. Me, too.

Ron, Some of us like the mystery to be the photograph not just what’s in the photo. I’m in that group too. Thanks.

Antonello, your choice of words leaves me feeling content that I accomplished something great for myself. I couldn’t ask for more. I had to look up what the Solaris ocean was. I would be flattered indeed to have my image associated with such a concept. Thank you very much.

Hello Igor,
I’m new to the group but am so happy to have found a group of folks who share my similar passions, I must say you really have something here with this image as its held my attention for the past ten minutes. I agree with the other and don’t see much you could consider changing it evokes a sense of mystery. The image seems to invite you to keep exploring. Very nice thank-you for sharing

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Outstanding image Matt! There’s a quiet, but almost haunting mystery to this.

I was actually thinking of an even higher key approach. That might make it or turn it in to more about graphics and contrasts, but most certainly would kill the mood.

Well done!


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This is gorgeous, Matt! The high key presentation works beautifully and helps set the table for the peaceful mood you captured. I love these kind of images as they are thought provoking with the fog adding an air of mystery to the scene. I am glad you were there to capture this for the rest of us. No suggestions from me.

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I love this as is. Very peaceful. And there is a bird in there, too!

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You could probably just raise the exposure a bit, get some pure white in there somewhere. It would add to the ethereal effect the fog gives it.

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Thanks, Michael. Glad you share my passion for mystery!

Thanks again, Lon. I offered in my first response that my preference is higher. I guess I was curious who else would prefer it higher - and I know this group will tell me so in an insightful and positive way. As you did. I’ll do a little more experimenting.

@Ed_Lowe, this is the first response of peaceful I’ve received and I find the contrast to another’s response of haunting to be quite evocative. It makes me think of collecting single-word responses of my images. Thanks for sharing!