Webinar - Wildlife Photography and Me - Adding a bit of 'me' in my pictures by Rahul Sachdev

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About the Webinar

“I believe I only began wildlife photography some 12 years into my journey as a wildlife photographer and that’s because I found the missing piece of the puzzle. ‘Me’. Well, at least that was the missing piece for my journey to really begin.”

About Rahul

With a deep-rooted passion for the wild and a keen artistic vision, Rahul has been engrossed in wildlife photography since 2004. Over the span of almost two decades, he has crafted a portfolio celebrated for its imaginative use of light and unparalleled creative insight. More than merely photographing wildlife, Rahul utilizes his lens to depict a distinctive view of his surroundings. His artistic acumen has garnered global praise, notably the Natures Best Photography Award for Wildlife in 2017 and The Monovision Awards for Nature & Wildlife in 2023.

Even while excelling in a software career, Rahul never let go of his ultimate passion. Inspired by Jim Corbett’s tales from his younger days, Rahul’s travels have spanned both nationally and internationally, enriching his knowledge of the wild. Particularly drawn to birds and mammals, his creations are not just visually enthralling but also deeply emotive. His evocative captures, which reverberate with nature’s symphony, have adorned numerous publications and online platforms. Yet, teaching holds a special place in his heart. He spearheads photography tours and workshops, aiming to teach the essence of crafting images rather than just snapping them. Rahul’s ambition is to instill this vital distinction in all those he mentors.

For Rahul, a photographer’s journey should have purpose. He finds his muse in nature’s elements like snow, fire, dust, and rain. While the allure of breathtaking moments and documentary snapshots is undeniable, Rahul strives to draw attention to the sheer artistry inherent in nature. Augmenting his visual narrative, he contributes to platforms such as VisualWilderness, Digital-Photography-School, and WildlifePhotographicMag, sharing insights and distinct viewpoints on wildlife photography.

Since adopting Canon equipment in 2006, Rahul became a part of the Canon India Masters Panel in 2019. This collaboration has enabled him to engage with and guide countless budding photographers, helping hone their skills. As camera technology continues to evolve, Rahul emphasizes the need for photographers to elevate their creative prowess in tandem with these advancements.

Website: https://www.rahulsachdev.net