Weekly Challenge #1004 (08/29/21 - 09/04/21) Reflections

Weekly Challenge #1004 (08/29/21 - 09/04/21) Reflections - Photos showing only reflections from any surface.

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Jorma, this is a very nice, chilly scene. However you’ve posted it in a place where no one but me will see it. Go to the topic description and use the “Submit Your Image” link, for proper placement.


Hi Mark
I see many vary nice looking photographs, that have both the reflection and were the reflection is coming from. I understood you instructions for this weekly challenge were to post only the reflection, not were the reflection is coming from?
Some how I didn’t connect critiques with weekly challenge. I will do better next time.

Peter, each member gets to interpret my “instructions” as they choose. Reflections can play many roles in a photo, as this week’s posts show.