Wild Strawberry

Many years ago I dug up some wild strawberry plants at an airstrip in the Idaho back country and planted them when we got home. Most didn’t survive but surprisingly there are two areas, several hundred feet apart, where I occasionally find a plant. This one is under a redwood and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there last year. I discovered it in March and had to shoot it. This was one of 5-6 runners the mother plant had put out. Today I went back down to shoot it again for the challenge, as I decided to shoot something new in the “front yard” every day, for the challenge. I was just getting a shot framed when a neighbor texted that she was heading over with a seedling Madrone to transplant that she thought would be happy in a spot on our side of the creek that separates us, so I headed down to meet her and while we were grubbing around in the grass I was overcome with hay fever and had to give up on the strawberry. (How I have lived here this long I don’t know. Spring grass season is awful.) Anyway, I’m cheating on my intentions on the very first day and posting this one from March. You may get to see it again…

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Technical Details

Canon R5, EF 100mm macro, focus stack at f/3.5, ISO 400, 1/160 sec, cloudy day. Minimal tonal tweaks in LR and very slight retouching in PS to remove a couple of errant twigs.