2023 Annual picks

First off, thank you David and the NPN team for a banner at NPN. Thanks for all you’ve done.

And Happy New Year everyone!

I recieved the Newsletter that announced the annual EP’s. Awesome selections as always!

My question is, where here on the main site can I find the link to the 2023 picks? - without having to go back to the newsletter? Maybe it’s there and I’m just not seeing it… but I would think there would be an announcement or link on the main site here? Did I miss it?

No biggie… but actually, it would be nice to go back to prior years. Maybe a dedicated gallery? or links to current and previous year’s picks? Just a thought.


Lon, where did you get the newsletter (or is there some kind of sign up needed)? I haven’t seen the 2023 picks list.

@Lon_Overacker and @Mark_Seaver I did a search and found it again. Here’s the link. 2023 Yearly Editors’ Picks - Image Critiques - Nature Photographers Network

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Mark, I received the Newsletter on Jan 1st,

I’m assuming it went to all members - unless perhaps notification preferences aren’t turned on? dunno.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman , yeah I can get the link from the Newsletter. The question is, unless you bookmark that link, how can you find the annual picks without the link? I think there should be an announcement on the site, in addition to the Newsletter. But then again, I’m probably missing something.

I’m with you, Lon. It would be good to have a link on the site, not just in the newsletter.

I’ve added a banner for now, if you refresh you can see it. When I get back I’ll create a dedicated page for EP’s, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

@Mark_Seaver , did you check your spam? I double checked everything and it says it was sent to you.

David, I used Shirley’s link to find your picks. Turns out that I had turned off NPN notification in my browser…hopefully that fixes the problem…

How’s YNP?

Thanks David! Hope you’re having a great trip! Safe travels!

I’ve added a page here that lists all the EP’s and the yearly EP’s. It could use some refining but it’s a start. I also changed the link in the header menu. Let me know if you have any ideas for improvements!