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It’s mating time for waterfowl here in the Pacific Northwest. Lakes, ponds, and inlets are teaming with activity. This was taken this morning at my new favorite avian refuge. Although it’s pretty cold and dark in the early morning; 32°F at 8 AM, there is a lot going on and excellent color in the light reflected on the water if one is not afraid to boost the iso up to 5000 to 10,000 with a shutter speed of 5000th to sharpen the action. Even with the sun out this morning in places, I had to shoot at a minimum of iso 1250. By taking Keith’s suggestion and being more inclusive of the environment, the image quality pays off with less noise.

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This is a great landing shot, David. Perfect timing and I love the foot and wing position. A nice frame as well.

You nailed the landing pose. Good wing and tail positions and those big feet make the shot for me. The main subject shows well enough that inclusion of the other ducks does not detract and, in fact, sets the scene nicely.