A good tripod for a 150-600mm lens without a ball head?

I have purchased a 150-600mm lens to use for wildlife photos. I have been using a monopod for some of the photos, but would like to use a tripod also. I think, I would like to try using a Gimbal head with this tripod. I have a tripod(off brand) that has the 3 way head with quick release that does not come off. I think if I put the Gimbal on that pod and then the lens, it will not be stable enough. Any suggestions would be helpful. thx, Mike Warren

Almost any set of legs should accept a Gimbal head if it’s equipped with the 3/8" bolt for mating with standard heads.

After that it’s a question of size, weight, material and of course budget. My wife and I fortunate in owning quite a few Gitzo carbon fiber models so I’m not acquainted with any of the less expensive yet fully functional alternatives. I’ve heard them mentioned here, so happy users will surely chime in.

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I suggest B&H Photo to learn about tripods. Legs and heads are sold based on how much weight they support. It should help you learn what you have and may want.
Renting a higher end tripod/head can teach you a lot before spending big (big) bucks. (lensrentals, borrowlens, others)
Any tripod will limit the speed you can respond to any in motion subject, severely limiting your compositional ability. (details available)
Consider how much weight you want to lug around in the woods as part of your fun.
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I decided I should sign back in with one more insight.

Last winter I discovered that we got to Florida without one of the tripods I really needed for long lens work, so I went online and ordered Benro aluminum legs.

No dig at Benro, because indeed they’re well designed and made. But I have to say that in spite of weighing more and having good secure leg locks, they’re subject to lots more vibration than my comparable carbon fiber legs. Brands not specific, it seems to me that CF does a much better job of “damping” vibrations than aluminum. If your budget allows, I’d certainly lean that way.

Thank you again for some sound advice. I was doing some research today and decide on the Manfrotto 055 Aluminum 3 - section with a 3 way head. I bought the kit so I could use the 3 way head on a different tripod. I saved some money both ways. I can see what you are saying about the carbon fiber, but I had to stick to budget. Maybe later down the road I might consider the carbon fiber. My wife wonders I had to spend money on a new camera system anyway. She thinks it will collect more dust than use like its predecessor, guilty. This one will get more attention now that I have a long lens that I’ve always wanted for nature photos. Thx mike

Good feedback Mike. I’m sure I’m not alone in looking forward to your work!