A Small Wintry Scene

This is an impression from a hike in Vienna Woods in Austria after two days of fresh snowfall. The meadows were evenly covered and the snow accentuated the structure of the branches and twigs interestingly for me.

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Technical Details


Very gentle, I like the graceful branch curling down to carelessly brush the snow and the marcessent left over deciduous autumn leaves adding a hint of colour to the snow dusted tree. I think it works beautifully and with appropriate elegance.

Looks great to me.
Very simple.
I’m always a fan of those remnants of fall clinging to the tree like this in winter. I like how the lower branch curves back into the tree trunk, creating a nice loop!

Peter, this is a nicely elegant look at this tree. The heavy snow shows off the tree’s shape beautifully with the scattered leaves creating an intriguing sprinkling of warmth.

Peter, Isn’t there a Strauss waltz Tales From the Vienna Woods? Your image might be an excellent accompaniment. I like your composition as well as your choice in making this an intimate landscape. The brown dead leaves contrast well with the snow. Your treatment of the trunk of the tree and the background trees is painterly. The purple cast in the background trees also adds to this impressionistic look and mood. I feel a refreshing chill looking at the image. Superb image.


I love trees (who doesn’t?) and I most certainly would have been drawn to this one. I love how you’ve framed and composed this; a bit off-center to allow the branch structure to become an added element, rather than just an extension of a tree. The snow-lined limbs and branches are wonderful contrasted against the bark.

I did want to comment about the field of snow. I do like the balance of the snow and the space you’ve given around and below the tree - again comp works beautifully. For the field of snow itself, it’s a good thing there are some grasses and such sticking above the snow to provide at least some level of detail. I’m kinda wishing there was more to help define the snow. Short of cloning in some, I realize “it is what it is.” A minor observation that’s not preventing me from enjoying this capture and image.


This is lovely and elegant Peter. The mix of color against the snow covered branches is sublime.

Peter, I really like your composition as a large portion, but not all of the subject tree is predominent in the image. Your snow is pure white, contrasting with the remaining leaves and the dar bark. Nicely done.

This is a beautiful snow image and expresses all the things I love about taking photos of snow covered trees. We’ve also had snow this past week and I was out a couple of days doing the same as you. Your composition is great. Just enough showing of the tree to let the viewer know exactly in their mind how this tree would look if you were viewing the entire branches. I always love the soft look of new fallen snow and this image certainly gives me that feeling. Great job on composition and processing.

Peter, I just really love the white and black lines from all the snowy branches. The patterns and shapes etched in black and white are beautiful! What a find!

This is a very beautiful image, Peter! I really like the placement of the tree within the frame and I like the warm brown of the dead leaves that are still on the tree. The soft light also really compliments the image and the overall feel. So yeah, I really like this. :blush:

I wish I could offer words of wisdom but, I’ve got nothin’. Absolutely perfect. Composition, processing, subject, light. I love all of it!

Beautiful image Peter. It has a fragile, ornate feel to it. The hint of colour, the composition, and the patterns and shapes all work well together.

Beautiful image, Peter. Perfect composition and the little touches of color really add a spark to the image. Excellent work!

Lovely image, Peter. The subtle color palette is just great - rendering a quiet peaceful scene. Very nice composition as well! Excellent.