A Very Pointy View

A scene at sunrise from the Cholla Garden area of JTNP. I do not think I’ve ever photographed in this location without picking up at least one jumping or teddy bear cholla ball somewhere attached to my clothing or body. The needles are barbed on the ends and are a pain to pull out of anything.

Mamiya RB67 ProSD - Mamiya “C” 65mm lens - Hi-Tech 2 stop Reverse ND - Velvia 50

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Paul, Cholla make a great backlit subject as the lighting lets their spine really stand out. :wink: I really like the details in the main subjects. There’s a good surrounding of more Cholla in the mid-ground. The touches of color in the sky are great extras.

I am really enjoying the soft pastels this image. Excellent textures. The backlit cactus really pops nicely against the foreground and background. Good job!