Algae Floating on a Lake

There is a small lake with a bridge crossing part of it. This is bright green algae floating on the surface of dark greenish brown water. The image was taken from the bridge looking down on the algae. The color of the algae and the water did not complement each other so it was converted to black and white.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is the simple graphic design over done on this image?

Technical Details

Taken with a Sony A7RM2 with a 100 to 400mm lens at f5, 1/2000sec and ISO 640 with a focal length of 146mm. Looking straight down on the algae.


Hi Robert –

I think this works really nicely as an abstract. I like the composition and the presentation overall. You could consider darkening the background more consistently since it looks like there is some slightly mixed tonality that is a little distracting. Also, you could consider doing some clean-up of spots in the water and in the algae for a slightly cleaner presentation. It is hard to tell for sure on my monitor but your processing might have degraded the file a bit, so a little noise reduction and sharpening might also be in order. Those are all small details. I overall think it is an interesting, creative interpretation of a great subject.

I think your B&W processing turned this algae into a striking image! I most likely would have trashed the original because I would not have seen the B&W potential.

Thanks for the comments for improvements.

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When I was looking at it I could see it as a B&W.