Along the road

5D2, 70-200 F4L, f11@1/4th, ISO 50, CPL

I like the visual flow in this. The scene is very intimate. The OOF branch jutting out across the mossy rock on the UR corner catches my eyes immediately. I am also thinking that the reddish rock showing through the water on the very top part of the image could be worked on a little more.

Beautiful waterfall. I’m wondering if you could have gotten a wider perspective ? - I’d like to see the whole stream on the right, and more room all around. It would be easy to get rid of the sticks with the “Content-Aware” tool.

I do have another version without the sticks, used the content aware. But as usual I send the wrong one and had no idea how to delete the first one in this new version of NPN

Danny, use the pencil icon below the image.
When it comes up, DELETE the gibberish at the top which is the code for your image that was uploaded.

Use the “upload” icon again and enter the correct image.

A little tricky, but it works.

Danny, I like the zig zag flow here it is very dynamic. And I think you used a shutter speed that created a nice look to the water flow, which is not easy as it looks because the water appears to have different flow rates in different parts of it.

The sticks are a distraction, and there are some out of focus leaves in the LLC, I would try to clone away as much of that as feasible (some judicious “gardening” in the field might have helped with the sticks). The foreground rocks and moss on the near side of the stream look a little bright on my monitor, I would suggest burning them down to bring more emphasis to the center of the image.

A nice image. Like others, I find the sticks in the lower RH corner distracting. What about a slightly tighter crop?