Alternative sharpening software for Pixel Genius Creative Sharpener

I have been using Pixel Genius Creative Sharpener for years and love it dearly. Sometime, hopefully not soon, I will have to upgrade to Mac Catalina, and Creative Sharpener will no longer work. I know much of the “guts” of it has been incorporated in Lightroom and it is possible to get similar effects there, but what I love about Pixel Genius is how simple it is to use. No sliders, or number values to pick, just choose from a list of different sharpening styles, choose the degree of sharpening (1-3 or 1-4), press ok and the sharpening happens and a new layer is created with the sharpening on it. My workflow is then to examine the photos, and if the effect is too much, or not enough, I increase/decrease the level from 1-4, or even simpler if I want to decrease the effect, lower the layer opacity. I have developed my favorite sharpening styles and rarely have to change a pick. So, I am looking for replacement software that is similarly easy to use and set up with similar choices: style and degree, no sliders or number choices, other than degree… Any suggestions? Yes, I can sharpen in Lightroom or Photoshop but I am lazy!