Another Side

More Black Spruce. This photograph was a delightful surprise when I first discovered it in my downloads. I had absolutely no recollection of having made this picture in the first place. It is a completely different side of the black spruce. Rather than old, hoary and bent, in this image there is grace - a kind of youthful vitality and playful elegance. A more feminine expression, it seems very Eastern to me, in the manner of Chinese or Japanese floral paintings. And so, I thought a haiku might best express my pleasure in discovering this photograph. Of note is that this image was not made shooting from below, up towards the sky but rather, shooting from above with the sky reflected in the water.

Black spruce, branch extended
Sky above, water below
There is no difference.

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This is lovely.
It sure does look a chinese paint.

I like this one more Kerry and it has little to do with the fact that this is a more optimistic uplifting image. I just like the spacing of the branches within the frame more as well as the color combinations.

Kerry, I like your style. And in this image the composition of bringing the tree in.Also the soft sky .
Just enjoy looking at it for a while. No changes i can think of. And your haiku gives that bit of extra. Nice to see you using it.

This just has a very nice inviting feel to it, Kerry. I never would have guessed you were shooting down without your explanation. The slight diagonal tilt of the tree works beautifully as does the soft light in this scene. I also like the way you filled the frame with branches. Beautifully done!

And now for something completely different. This is an intriguing addition to recent series from the boreal forest. And you are giving @Ben_van_der_Sande a run for his money on incorporating haikus into the image description. The light, airy feeling of this image does indeed create a painterly look. This is significantly enhanced by the soft, pastel look of the reflected sky in the background. I also like the attention to detail in the way you composed this image. The spacing of the tree limbs relative to the frame edges is absolutely perfect.

No nit’s from me, I’m just enjoying this a lot as presented.

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I LOVE this haiku, Kerry. Again, I get that high altitude feel to the image and the image is just other worldly. Because this presents a totally different atmosphere, I think this is a nice complement to the black spruce series.

What a different view of the rugged little spruce. I agree with @joaoquintela it looks Chinese, in part because of the light blue and light green palette.

Kerry, a wonderful look at that young black spruce branch, in the spring time of its life. Love the movement in the image, looks like a dance. Good interest all around, nice work on the details, good focus…trunk, bark, needles. Especially noted on the larger image view. Colors are excellent combo and great to know it is a reflected sky. Fine haiku. perfectly appropriate. Thanks for sharing it. One of the best images I think.

@joaoquintela, @Igor_Doncov, @Ben_van_der_Sande, @Ed_Lowe, @Ed_McGuirk , @Adhika_Lie, @Dick_Knudson, @Stephen_Stanton - Thank you all for your kind attention and comments. This is especially true for the Haiku. I always try to get the magenta out of my pictures but I’m often less successful in getting the purple out of my prose :grin:.