Any experience in product photography here?

I’ve been asked by a local brewery if I can do some photography of their products (bottles of beer, glasses of beer etc) out in the landscape of the lake district. I’m absolutely thrilled and excited about this as I love their products.

Im about to quote and really don’t know where to start. Can anyone help give me an idea of what’s involved? They’re after a days work, around 50 images for use in social media marketing. Processing wise is it just the bare minimum? Set up a general preset to use for them all?

I’m guessing I charge for my time there, time processing, travel time and costs but is there anything I’m missing?

Also, if you could point me in the direction of any good resources for this kind of photography that would be great. It’s all going to be using natural light so I guess I don’t need much else other than my standard gear and something to reflect the light to even it out.

Thanks in advance

So i dont shoot product in years and even back then i didnt had much experience.
But i would considere, along with the reflector (silver window car sun visors are a good replacement for a refletor) i would try to take a flash (to create a two light layout) or even light some shadows on the composition. Bring a polarizer, it can be usefull on some unwanted reflections on the glass. Also some vegetable paper (thats what we call it here) or translucid paper to soft the lights or even the sun if needed.
Other thing that we used a lot was plasticine, for instance, to put the glass on uneven surface, or pur it on a unbalaced position to give a dynamic look, etc.
As far as costs go, i think you are spot on,
Processing could be a two edged blade, you could process them all with a preset, or try some diferent aproaches and see (with them) what go to their taste and them make that a preset.
I dont know about any good source, but stock image sites could be a good start.
Hope it goes well.

That’s brilliant advice thank you very much. The plastecine for the bottom the bottles is going to be a life saver I think.

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hey Chris - I realize my reply is a bit dated, but, I was reading thru all the Discussion Topics and thought I’d chime in on yours.

A couple of years ago I thought I’d take a stab at product photography. I went thru part of what I found to be an excellent, detailed course. However, I was not interested in it enough to continue with the course. I am a landscape / nature photographer. The course is “The Complete Guide To Product Photography” by Tony Roslund, and you can find it here:

I believe it is $69.00, and, it looks like they are running some Holiday specials.

Merry Christmas / Happy Hanakkuh!

Aurora, CO

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