Attn: Drobo owners

I know this will be of interest to many on this site.

“Drobo, having stopped sales and support, reportedly files Chapter 7 bankruptcy”.

Eeek, that sounds bad. I know a few folks here who have them. I haven’t gone the NAS route so still use single external drives.

I had one for years and it always had major issues starting up, and tech support was a bad joke. I ditched it for a Thunderbay (RAID 4, from OWC), then found it has issues with Mac OS. Data seems safe enough but the OS can’t keep it fingers off the thing, even when I’m using newly downloaded files on the MAC HD in LR that have never been on the RAID drives. Like have a boat anchor tied around my ankle and driving me nuts. Tech support? Well, it exists, but as of a few months ago they had no solution.

I’m about ready to reset the RAID controller to JBOD.

I’ve had Drobos for years, and still have a Drobo 5N as network attached storage. It is still working fine now, but compatibility with macOS beyond Ventura will obviously be doubtful.

So I guess it is time to change.

I saw @Diane_Miller post about OWC, which is not a great option Down Under anyway. So what else do people recommend for NAS - Synology?