Autumn Fireworks + REPOST

For some reason, this kind of reminds me of a firework exploding out. Hence the name.

Utah - D810, 70-200mm



Fireworks, indeed. Like one of those kind that explode then make sparkles on the way down. Lovely.

Harley,nice fireworks. I should give it because it’s fireworks much more saturation for more explosions . Great idea btw.

Lots of great spots of color and detail here, @Harley_Goldman. The red rocks on the right-top causing that space not covered by he leaves draws my eye. You might consider experimenting with a crop on the right.

I like how the darker area contrasts with and supports the brighter, and more colorful top portion.

Nicely done.

Harley, thankfully the site allows some decent file sizes. I bet this guy has some real compression with the finer details at lower megs, eh?..:thinking:
A fine frame to frame fill on this image. I can see the point on the URHC rock. Maybe just a clone or CA there to fill the gap with leaves. Or a crop as suggested. Regardless, always something to play with in the end for different looks…:+1:

So much detail Harley that it becomes abstract. It needs to be printed real big!

Great eye to see and frame this up. This is very nice, and is a very hard kind of image to do well, but you certainly have. Another option for the URC might be to just lighten up the very darkest shadows in the rock to reduce the contrast. That might be all you need to stop the eye from going up there.

Excellent suggestions that are very much appreciated! I reposted a version with a bit of cloning in the dark areas.

Thanks to all for the comments and great ideas.


Cool abstract, Harley. Well seen. The repost tightens it up a lot, IMO.


The repost nails it! thanks for taking the time to take in the suggestions.

This is killer! The ultimate in random chaos! And yet filling the frame with all those spreckles of color really holds this together as a single piece. Impressive vision and kudos for pulling the trigger on this one.

A bit late, but this also would have been a top contender in the jigsaw puzzle challenge!

Love this!


Congrats on the EP here on this one, Harley…:smiley:

Thia certainly screams fireworks Harley. I love the repost Harley.

The yellow sparkles on a red background is really lovely here. My only issue here is the chaos. I can find no order, no pattern to get a hold of. The eye just roams everywhere without knowing where it’s been. Although the bottom half has a suggestion of a framework it’s lost as you look upwards.