Canyon Colors + Repost + Final

This is from my southern Utah trip back in October.

D810, 70-200mm

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I really like your composition, and the way the slopes contain the trees.

You might consider tweaking the brightness of the left side slope to more closely match the slope on the on the right side.

The color in the trees looks very nice. This is a lovely canyon scene.

The “aerial” view from an elevated position does a great job of showing off these fall colors. It’s almost like looking down on a flowing river of autumn foliage. The composition is well done, and the S-curve of the canyon reinforces the look of a flowing river of color. Overall, very nicely seen and executed.

I agree with @Preston_Birdwell about burning down the cliff on the left, and I might even slightly darken the red band along the top edge.

Harley, what a really gorgeous canyon scene. You’ve captured the best in the natural look of the southwestern states here in this image. The foliage is the real attraction for me on this one. The canyon area just makes for the perfect framing overall…:sunglasses::+1:
I agree about the brightness here & there. But I might do a slight bit of global adjustment there too. But no big thing at all. Just things for follow up look sees…:thinking:

Nice. I like the framing here. The sloping hills and the horizontal red band seem to keep my eyes on all that beautiful foliage.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions, @Preston_Birdwell, @Michael_Lowe, @Ed_McGuirk and @Paul_Breitkreuz.

I always appreciate the excellent feedback from the active members around here!! Most appreciated. I reposted an adjusted version above.

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What a sweet scene, Harley. The sandstone cliffs make a great frame around the gorgeous foliage. I’m going to go against the grain, preferring the original. The burned cliffside just look flat in the repost. I could see maybe adding a bit of vignette to the original but would not “flatten” the highlights in the stone.


Wow, what a plethora of color! (first time i think I’ve ever used the word!) Like someone described, a river of autumn color. This is a bit unique too - especially for someone like me who is quite unfamiliar with the Colorado Plateau, Utah/AZ scenes. This is quite enjoyable and quite happy you’re able to bring us this view.

Of course our opinions will vary and for me, I would take whatever layer you used to adjust the brighter rock on the left - and drop the opacity 50% - or whatever. Yes, the original was bright - but only relative to the rest of the scene - certainly not bright in terms of exposure. Somewhere in there is a happy balance for you. And most certainly a worthy and beautiful image to start with.


Late to the party Harley, end of year is always crazy for me but I am glad to come back here looking at this fine image. I have no problem whatsoever with the original actually… the rework makes the cliff a little too dark. Perhaps as Lon suggested, something in between would work best?

Once again, thanks for all the very valuable input. I added a “final” version (if images are ever final). Very good feedback from all my NPN friends. Much appreciated.

Harley, I think I resemble this quote… :clown_face:
btw: the final version is very impressive and I like it best, at this point… :thinking:

The palette is special here Harley, and for me the final version is the best. Nicely done.

The ‘final’ image works the best, Harley. Nice job on the tweak.