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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This image was taken on a stormy day on the dunes earlier this spring. I was wandering around the dune field, I observed this smaller dune and I liked how it was isolated. However, the light at the time of observation wasn’t working with the subject, so I had to wait a few minutes. Due to the dappled light conditions of the day, I was hopeful that if I waited long enough, I might get a sliver of flight on the subject dune. Well, after about 30 minutes my dreams came true, and this is what I was left with.

When composing this image, I tried to isolate the dune completely at around 400mm, but I found the image looked too formulaic and too simple. So when recomposing, I accidentally zoomed out to 200mm and noticed the two bushes in the fg and mg. I found that I liked these bushes and composed around them.

I cooled down this image quite a bit to convey a sense of isolation and also to push myself to be a bit more creative with my processing.

Technical Details


ISO 320 to help with camera shake


Excellent Trevor just enough space for the shrubs at the bottom and interest all the way to the top the silvery colour is sublime and I love the central slice of light roaming through the dunes. Very pleasing work.

A beautiful image, and I like it that the 2 bushes in the FG lead to the other 2 in the center of the image. The light on the dune is great, but I wonder if there was any detail in the brightest part before you started the edit. The histogram that you provide of the original image suggests that there is plenty headspace, but maybe it needs to be expanded to see if the brightest parts are clipped. This is my only nit: I’d like to see a little detail in the brightest dune. The dust that is blown off the dune adds to the atmosphere.
You cooled down the image, and I like the result. But it also makes me curious how a warmer image would look.

Gorgeous! The bushes are a perfect extra touch and I love the light line leading from the left to the closer two. You got such wonderful light!! The lines of the two BG dunes pull my eye out the top a bit. A slight crop from the top helps that and it might be good to lower the contrast of the lines. The cool toning feels perfect!

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Technical Details


ISO 320 to help with camera shake

I think the shot is great the way it is. The crop is good since the composition is compelling as-is. The colors and details are fantastic. Great job.

This is a stunning image Trevor. You captured such gorgeous light and shadow play.

Trevor, this is stunning! The way I see it, there is nothing that needs changing. The bushes in the FG and MG form a strong leading line to the main attraction. The same goes for the converging lines in the MG. This is gorgeous! Your waiting time paid off big time.

I agree that this is a stunning image. After you get an eyefull of the sand streaming off the tops of the bright dunes you start to appreciate the subtler light on the fg dunes next to the bushes. This is definitely not formulaic. The whole thing is like a dream where things reveal themselves the further you look in. Great job.

The cool toning works very nicely for this scene as does the placement of the bushes in the FG and MG. I am enjoying the gentle sloping lines of the dunes as well as the blowing sand on the creast of the dunes. My only suggestion would be the same as @Han_Schutten regarding trying to capture a little more detail in that bright area on top of that one dune. Your patience paid off with this beautiful image. Nicely done.


Absolutely stunning photograph. The light is magical and the blowing sand gives this such a dynamic feel. The composition is so perfect as well, with those bushes acting as leading elements to the highlighted dune. Outstanding work and your patience to wait for the right light has certainly paid off.

I want to add my wander and ammiration for this splendid picture. Every thing is perfect. Patience always pay in photography.

Just, WOW!

Well done! we can adjust ‘till the cows’ come home sometimes, at least I can, ha ha, and while certain adjustments do help, sometimes the overall impact is what counts and it has that here! You had lovely light to accent that dune, and I believe by your histogram that there is detail in the light areas, and I also know that in the distance, the detail often disappears in soft sand if there are no wind patterns. Composition is lovely, it’s overall a great image!