Backlit Blizzard

High winds with the sun behind to light up the blowing snow on the mountains at Valdez, Alaska. This is a 5 year old photo taken with a Sony R1, 71.5 mm, ISO-200, f/16.0, 1/1000 hand held.

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Very nice, Gary. The “mist” of blowing snow looks great. The partial obscuration of the scattered trees and receding ridges creates a sense of mystery.

Gary…a loud Brrrrr !!
I guess this is the type of weather that was a bit tough for me to deal with up there in AK. As a So Cal transplant I still was not a shut-in at all and would venture outside in some of the worst of it. But the military provided me with the BEST in arctic weather gear too.
This really provides a neat look at the wind blown snow and a bit of the velocity of the wind from the arcs of the snow. Nice take on this a bit brutal winter scene…:sunglasses: