Basking Gator

For my once a year Wildlife offering I chose to post this one. This fairly large gator (10-11 ft) was making the most of a semi-warn afternoon in early February. As I recall the temps were in the high 60s - low 70s, warm enough to allow him to soak up a little heat. This was a beautiful specimen, shiny and fat, especially for February. Gators are such masters of efficiency. They can collect heat faster than they lose it, and in cool weather like this day, there are no wasted movements. Everything they do is done using the minimum amount of energy required. They live in harmony with their surroundings, which I guess is why they’ve been around for millions of years. I love gators so much.

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Love the fluid pose and low contrast grasses. Gator looks relaxed but he has his eyes on you.:upside_down_face:

Bill I agree, this one really does look nice and healthy. I like the lighting and how your angle on the creature accentuates its size. Surprising also to see him so perfectly clean. I almost always see them festooned with all manner of duck weed, algae and the like. I like gators too, and I’d say this one should be winner of a reptilian beauty contest.
My one minor nit - really just an option - would be framing, to see just a little more of the water and a hair more on the left.

Superb detail in the largest image, Bill. I love the setting that fits this species so well. Excellent image.

Nice detail, DOF and pose. A little more room on the left if you have it.