Bean bag fill

I received a bean bag camera support for a gift. What are recommended fillers? How do I prevent mold if I use a natural fill?

You can always use beans… :wink:. However, I’d suggest something smaller, like dried lentils. As long as any dry organic material stays dry it won’t mold. You could also use “Play Sand”, but that will be heavier.

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Nice gift. Take a look at KINESIS Photo Gear. They sell Bag fill both poly & Buckwheat.

I’ve been using Buckwheat for a few years. PNR242 4.2 Buckwheat fill . I purchased two bags. The material settles after first month of use, then I topped it off, and have not done any maintenance since.

In situations of pouring rain I also but another bag over the Kinesis bean bag to keep moisture from it.

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Hi Brian. I like something with a bit of density in mine for stability. I’ve used beans and lentils in the past. Now I usually use black oil sunflower seeds since I buy a lot of them for bird feed. The nice thing about them is that if you fly to somewhere for shooting, you can empty the bag before going, fill it when you get there, and donate the fill to a local refuge or sanctuary when you leave.

Thanks Dennis, great idea.

Thanks Ed, I will definitely check into this.