Best resources for shooting locations?

I know there is a section for this on the site. I’m wondering what other resources i might be able to use to find good shooting locations? I’m new to my area and it’s very difficult to find them.

Most of my photography is done out hiking, which can be good. But I’m also hoping to find more locations that aren’t a long hike to get to, and good hiking trails aren’t necessarily good photographic locations. Especially as I’d like to learn to use light in my favor, I’m not quite ready yet to be doing the pitch dark hikes needed to get to a lot of popular areas for sunset and sunrise.

Any suggestions? Or is it really just about experience and finding my own way?

The best resources I have found are a general google search and the AllTrails app. Believe it or not, there are some lesser known areas that can be found with a google search (at least in my area) that most people haven’t bothered to do any research to find. AllTrails is a good resource for hiking in general, not every location is going to be super photogenic but you can look at the map and filter by what to see IE: Waterfalls, wild flowers etc.

Nothing is going to beat local knowledge of a place but with the current state of the social media age you are going to be hard pressed to find anyone that is willing to share their secret spots. If you are comfortable off trail hiking google earth can be a great resource to find locations, I believe Max Rive has an entire tutorial based on finding locations via google earth.

From your Instagram page it looks like you’re in the Pacific Northwest. I hope it’s okay with the moderators that I mention that I’m the author of guidebooks “Photographing Oregon” and “Photographing Washington”.

Another source is , which has locations all over the world.

I agree with David that the AllTrails app can be very useful.

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Hi Greg! I’ve got your book sitting right here. One of the first that i picked up when i moved to Portland. It’s definitely useful especially combined with Alltrails. I might have to pick up the Washington version as well!

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Thanks, CJ. Good to hear that you find the book helpful.