Best time for California Poppies?

I want to do something a little different for wildflower season this year, and thinking of shooting the poppies in California. I’m looking at either Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, and/or Carrizo National Monument.
Does anyone have an idea on when is typically the best time to go? I’m hoping that the rain they’re getting there now will result in nice blooms.

Bob, no doubt the rain we’re having right now will add to the chances of seeing a good crop of poppies this year. However, there is never a guarantee as I’ve seen wet years no better then dry ones, as well as dry ones produce smaller decent crops.
Not sure the exact season beyond saying springtime in general. However, if you venture into the AVPR be sure to wear snake guards. I know a couple folks who have encountered venomous Mojave Greens out there. In fact, as I recall NPNer Rudy Ruberti has a close up of one from that area during a poppy photo outing years back now.

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Bob, here was a short article on the possibility of the bloom season here in California.
Rainfall Floral Projection

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Thanks Paul! If things are looking good in mid-April I may be able to make a short trip out there.