Bristlecone tree

This is a 2 shot vertical panorama with 3 images photostacked for the foreground.

I visited the Bristlecone forest for the first time a month ago and I have to say the photo opportunities are endless. I loved the snake like look of the root of this tree.

Any input would be appreciate it.

Thanks guys

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You need to add the image. The icon with mountain and moon.

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Thanks I completely forgot to upload the image:))


Sure glad you were able to post the image! This was certainly worth the wait. What a fabulous image from the White mountains and the Bristlecones. Quite unique actually, so kudos for crafting this one.

I love the vertical pano here. You didn’t mention a lens, but the horizon gives this something of a quasi-fish eye look, but yet is a straight up shot. Great job with the exposure and processing. I think the sky color is appropriate given the angles, time of day, etc.

Yes, the trunk/root has a great snake-like appearance and you’ve captured, framed and presented that beautifully.

The only small nit I have is that the very bottom appears a little soft. You mentioned 3 images for the bottom, but was that for stitching or focus stacking? I think with stacking you could have managed a sharper bottom. But heck, the overall impact of this exceeds this one small thing. Great job, love this.


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I agree. It looks like something sinister. That’s for sure. As mentioned, there are some DOF issues as the near parts are softer than the more distant objects.

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I like the perspective here - the way your eye is drawn up through the image from dark to light, though I might just tone down the brightest part of the sky a touch. The trunk has great presence, both in form and texture.

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Carlos, I like the concept of this image, with the near/far view of the same tree. I love the light you have here, and your processing of exposure/contrast/color etc. looks spot on to me. I also like that you kept the sun out of the frame, but left it close enough to create a halo type effect.

This gets very much into the realm of personal subjective taste, but the vertical panoramic treatment here makes this feel somewhat cramped to me. I wish there was more breathing room, especially around the nearest parts of the tree. And i wonder if a more traditional vertical 3:2 aspect ratio would have worked better here.

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Thank you guys for all the input. I will try to work a little more with the focus stack. Do you guys do it manually or you use a program to do it?. I tend to have issues with the stacks. I can also try the 3:2 aspect and see how it looks. I was so close to the tree that couldn’t get more space around the tree. I shot this at 16 mm.

You guys are great

Thanks again

Carlos, I use Helicon Focus, which is relatively simple to use, and does a great job (often better than photoshop). And Helicon lets you output the stacked image as a DNG which is essentially a raw output file, which is nice.

Carlos, What an interesting image and composition. It really keeps me looking as it draws my eyes right through the frame. I’m enjoying how you framed this scene very much. The softness in the foreground already mention and sounds like you are already looking to solve issues like that. I think it works great and I quite enjoy seeing this. Cheers!