Bucky Beaver

Out to check on the status of a loon nest I’ve been watching (chicks not yet hatched) and paddling to the opposite shore of the lake I came across this beaver enjoying a late afternoon meal.

American Beaver, Green River Reservoir, Vermont

500mm f/4
1/2000s @ f/4
ISO 500
Handheld from my kayak

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I really liked your find, it is technically solid, thanks to the qualities of good bird photographer !
You may try to make it off centre.

The low angle works wonders here. There’s a bit of mystery to it, since the species is not immediately identifiable at first glance from this angle. The colors work quite well together too, and while I like the OOF green tones in front and behind, I wonder if it would look any better with the subject out of the middle. Even slicing off a little (but not all) of the foreground greens might create a difference balance in the frame.


When I was a kid in Portland, Oregon there was an educational show called Bucky Beaver!
I love this low perspective.