Cactus Canyon

I took this photo about a year ago and wanted to revisit the area. I used my 6D ii with the 11-24mm F/4 at 11mm F/16. This is one reason I got this lens to have some fun with it. These are only about 18 inches tall. The camera was on the ground on a ballhead. I was very close to the first one in front

What I am looking for is any suggestions on composition, DOF. The front of the lens is big so I do not have a filter.

A very very nice perspective, Dean. I enjoy the low vantage point a lot but I am wishing for a softer light. One suggestion I would make is to clone out that stick(?) in the middle of the frame. I think it takes away from the overall arrangement of the cacti.

Thank you Adhika, I do need to take out the stick. This was about 11am in the morning. To get softer light would a earlier time work better or some cirrus clouds around blocking out some of the light.

I will second @Adhika_Lie comments.:vulcan_salute: