I liked the effects of the dappled light on the petals. One of my favourite clematises from the garden/yard, taken today

Specific Feedback Requested

Last year I posted a clematis with a very dark background. This time I wanted to also show the leaves and buds, but I didn’t want these to distract. Maybe they need to retreat more into the BG?

Technical Details

D500 + 105mm macro 1/1250 f5 ISO320 tripod 13 shots in Zerene Stacker.

Selected the flower and BG separately. Shadows/Highlights/Curves in PS for flower.For the BG, did a Field Blur, then lowered Brightness and Contrast in PS.


Fantastic detail and beautiful colors in the Clematis, Mike. Nice soft lighting too. Nicely done.

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Dappled light works nicely here to bring up the texture of this little beauty. Since you used a Blur Field in Ps, you could take it a little further I think. If it works with your idea of showing the plant as well. In terms of the flower, maybe some careful brushing with a bit more exposure would bring out even more of its detail. The stack looks good, but a hair soft in spots, as if the steps were too short for the aperture. What a beauty!

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Wow!! Gorgeous flower in superb light! I love the shadow of the stamens (?). Would be nice to see a comparison with more BG blur… The amount you did is very believable – I wouldn’t have thought you did anything to the leaves.

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Mike, the flower looks great here. I think your mix of flower and surroundings works well, with the bud a neat addition. I do think reducing the bit of white near the lower right petal tip and the bit in the lower left corner would be good.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver - done!