Colorado Fall Colors Meetup?

Hello folks!

I’ll be visiting from Europe to shoot some fall colors in Colorado this fall. Happy to meet up if any of you is in the area :slight_smile:



Hi, Martin.

I am heading to Colorado at the end of September. I’m relying on some friends who used to live Gunnison (now in Denver) that it is a good time for fall color. When are you going to be in Colorado and what area?

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Hi @Egidio!

I’m in the Ridgeway area last week of September and first week of October.

It seems we will be in different parts of the state. I’ve been checking an online source for fall foliage. It seems the last week in September and the first week in October should be good times for that in Colorado.

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Pity! I hope you catch some nice colors yourself :crossed_fingers:

Martin, I think we both should see some color. You’re staying longer than I and will increase your chances that way.

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