Colorado Fall Color

I have visited the San Juans a few times and have shot around Ridgway, Ouray, and Telluride and have been reasonably successful in timing my visits going the last week of September into the first week of October. I have recently connected with an old friend who lives in Crested Butte who has invited me to come stay with him this autumn. He is not a photographer, so the timing is up to me. Does the area around Crested Butte change color before the area around Ridgway? After? Same time? Who knows? Any trip timing advice would be greatly appreciated.

The timing is pretty much the same, some areas go around Sept 25, others will go the first week of Oct. I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed sticking to that timeline.

Long as you’re in the area for a longer period, creep on over into the Uncompahgre and the LaSals, and especially follow 141 from Placerville to Gateway. There’s a whole lot of great country in there that sees very few visitors. We have a place in the Paradox Valley on 90, and from just east of Bedrock you can take the 16-mile River Road (all gravel) back to 141. It runs right along the Dolores River with towering cliffs overhead. Oh my…

Thanks for the advise!

Do any fellow Colorado based NPNer’s have recommendations for fall colors in Grand Mesa National Forest, and Flat Tops Wilderness Area? I’ve spent a little time in both—mostly in early spring and summer—but this will be my first fall trip. Maybe someone would have a suggestion or two that could get me in the ballpark of a few good spots.