Common Loon

For the most part I like how this turned out, especially the red eye and green neck. Unfortunately the white chest was blown out and couldn’t be recovered.

Thanks for looking. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Any pertinent technical details:

Canon 7D Mark II; Sigma 150-600 at 600 mm; 1/400 at f6.3; ISO 400


I think this looks very nice on the loon. Yes, the chest is a bit blown. A low opacity clone from the rest of the chest would solve that problem.

Seems a bit low in the frame to me. Any more room around it, or add some canvas on the bottom and may remove some from the top.

Real good exposure on the black plumage and on the checkered area. The greens look good. I am really enjoying the red of the eye. If you have other images of this Loon with better exposures on the chest feathers, you could always copy and paste from the other image. That is another option in addition to what Keith suggested. With respect to the composition, you could certainly do a content aware fill at the bottom; I don’t think you need very much addition.

Thanks Keith and David for your suggestions, I’ll work on it.

A very good loon shot, Allen. I like the green neck-one of the best I’ve seen posted. David and Keith both had good suggestions on the breast. Edge on whites, particularly with extra light reflected from the water are extremely difficult to tame and the absence of detail there isn’t a major issue with me.

For my taste, I think the position of the loon works. They like to sit low in the water, so it fits to have it snuggled down low in the frame.

Well done.

HI Allen
The detail and coloring are great. You could try bring down the high-lights just on the chest.