Community Page Suggestion

In the Critique or Sharing galleries, in the Users column, the profile icons of the OP are shown first, with subsequent commenters appearing adjacent to them. I like the way this works, because I can see who the OP is right off the bat.

In the Latest column on the Community page, the profile icon of the Latest commenter is shown. I do not know who the OP is until I open the thread.

I would like to see the profile icons of the OP, and if possible, also subsequent commenters rather than that of the Latest commenter.

That way, I can easily see their latest image, or click their icon to see their posts listing.

What say you, NPNers?

Me too…:+1:

I agree 100%, unfortunately it is a limitation of the software that I cannot change right now, maybe in the future I can change their minds but I have my doubts.

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@David_Kingham I had an inkling that was the case, but I wasn’t sure, so I thought I would ask. I appreciate your reply, David.

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From that Community page, click on the “Latest” tab at the top menu and then you get what you see in that right hand side (latest in all categories) but it’s formatted like the individual categories. You just don’t have the menu of categories on the left. That “Latest” page is what I have bookmarked so it goes straight there when I go to NPN.

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