Me and the new web design

Here’s the deal. I’m a long-time NPN member, frequent visitor, and occasional commenter and image poster. When I visit NPN, I want to see all of the newest images posted since I last visited. ALL of them. Regardless of category. I do this just because I enjoy looking at them and for inspiration. NPN, as is true for many others I’m sure, has made me what I feel to be a better photographer. If I see an image that strikes me, I’ll leave a comment or maybe even a “critique” (of course, now, I must be sure the image I’m viewing is posted in a “critique-able” gallery). Until recently, I did this several times a day, happy when I find even one new image post. But with the new design I find myself visiting NPN less frequently. I can’t seem to easily do what I want to do, and I find myself just not going there. Maybe it’s simply resistance to change, and I’ll eventually “get used to it” and again visit frequently. Maybe it’s age related.

You say to click on “Latest” to see all recent images. Is this list really ALL mage posts? In ALL galleries? When I click on the first, most-recent post to see the full image and then want to see the next, there is no “Next” button. Is clicking on the browser back button the only way to navigate to the next image? Happily, when I do that the last image I viewed is at least highlighted, so I know where I left off in the list, although that highlight fades fast. What’s the difference between the “Latest” and “New” buttons?

Sorry for the complaining. The new site is beautiful and presents images wonderfully.

Hi Ronald, I can understand your frustration, change can be hard!

I think wrapping your head around the Latest/New/Unread will really help you out here.

  • Latest shows you everything thing that is happening in the forums, whether that is a new post, or if somebody replies to an existing post it will pop into latest.
  • New shows you all new posts (no replies to existing posts) that have been created since the last time you visited. So if you just want to see only new images, this would be the place to go.
  • Unread shows you any new replies to existing posts that either you started or someone else’s post that you replied to since your last visit.

All posts are visible in the aforementioned views, there are only a few exceptions to this. I have set the Human & Fauna, People Objects and Places, and NPN Member Gallery to not display in the latest view by default. The reason for this is because this is a site dedicated to nature photography after all, and I feel most members will not want to see these categories. I am looking into ways for you to turn these back on manually yourself, but for now you would need to go to these categories individually.

OK! I’m feeling better about this. What does “last time you visited” mean? I have a browser tab with NPN always open. I click on it periodically during the work day to see what’s new.

It doesn’t matter if the tab is open, it knows the last time you were actively looking at the page and works quite well!