New website thoughts

things I miss:

when viewing a page with thumbnails, the thumbnails do not report the photographer’s name.

after clicking on a thumbnail to see the larger image, there should be a button or something to take me directly to the next image in the gallery.

when I visit NPN, I want to look at ALL image postings, like “All Photos” at the old site. now I have to explicitly visit each gallery. or am I missing something?

oh, and there used to a link to a photographer’s personal photo website.

and do I have a gallery of only my photos like there used to be?

Hi Ronald, thank you for the feedback.

I will be working on a way to make this more apparent, right now the avatar on the left indicates the original poster and you can hover over or click the avatar to see their name. I definitely intend to improve this.

I’m afraid this is not possible in the new system

There is a much better way! At the top of the screen look for ‘Latest’ ‘New’ and ‘Unread’ these will show you all the latest posts

Currently no we do not have galleries, this is something we will be looking into in the future but is not the priority right now. The priority is rebuilding the community. We discussed this extensively in this post if you’re interested.

Improvements will come, this is just a starting point.