Community Tab Change?

Community Tab Change?

(Dennis Plank) #1

Was there a recent change to the way the Community Tab works? Yesterday evening when I clicked on it on my windows PC it started giving me a pull down menu instead of just taking me to the overall screen. On my Android tablet this morning (An old one), it does nothing and neither does the Home Tab.

(Harley Goldman) #2

I noticed the change as well.

(David Kingham) #3

Yes, I had to make some changes, there a still a couple of bugs to work out so I will switch back to the old one today. Not sure why it wouldn’t work on your Android

(Igor Doncov) #4

Perhaps changes should be announced prior to be made? I thought my browser was acting up.

(David Kingham) #5

I’ve switched it back for now. I apologize for the confusion, I didn’t think this would cause issues.