Small Tweek?

Not a major complaint, rather a small irritation.

Is there any way to “anchor” the navigation/menu bar at the top of each page so that it doesn’t disappear as you scroll down the page? It would sure be handy not to have to scroll back to the top of the page each time you’re ready to move on.

Have you noticed the up arrow in the lower left corner image when you have scrolled down to the bottom of a thread?

Clicking that is much easier and faster than grabbing the scroll bar. Doesn’t anchor the top menu, but maybe it would help.

I have, and I use it now and then., especially on shorter threads But on long threads it’s actually slower than swiping my track pad. (Yeah, these are laptop comments.)

Like I said, minor. But if you’re ever wandering through the mechanics behind the site, you might experiment with the anchor a bit and see how you like that.

Which navigation component are you specifically looking for when scrolled down?

I’m going back to the top to reach the Community page as my primary portal for navigating around the site.

Ahh okay, that’s already there! Just click on the logo and it will take you home.

Excellent, and thanks. Didn’t recognize that for what it was.