Not returned to current page

When I reply to a critique and press reply, I am sent to a page with a suggested topics header. These are topics/images where I have already replied. My typical workflow is that I tried to comment on images to which I have not responded. It would seem preferable to me to return to the original page with new postings. Getting back to the new page requires several extra clicks.

When you reply to a post you remain on the same page, it’s likely you are just seeing suggested topics which are at the bottom of every post. If you scroll back up after you reply you will see that you are on the same page, let me know if this is not the case as this would be very odd. The workflow would be to reply, hit the back button in the browser which will take you back to whatever page you were on before, whether that’s ‘new’, ‘latest’, etc. There shouldn’t be extra clicks to get back to where you were, let me know if this makes sense.