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I just “discovered” this interesting interface behavior regarding the No Replies button. My default view is Latest. When I first open NPN, the No Replies button is missing. If I open a photo (actually if I go to screen other than Latest), then click Latest in either the Community menu or the menu side bar, the No Replies button appears. I can see the font size is different between the 2 screens, which I assume is the cause.

I really like the No Replies button, and used to use it regularly, but I thought it was no longer available. IMHO this button is important. Not much worse for a new member to post a photo and not get any response. If we used the No Response button regularly we could prevent this from happening.

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While I’m not seeing the same behavior you are, Steve, I click it whenever I have some time for the same reasons you mentioned. I’ve got a couple posts of my own hanging out there alone, so I know how it feels to just twist in the wind. Not fun. Not the end of the world either, but maybe more folks should try to use it now and then. So far I’m seeing it on every discussion under the Community heading at the top.

Hey Steve, this was mostly intended behavior to have ‘No Replies’ not show up on /latest because you see everything from the entire site that has no replies which is a mess. In general I would recommend going to the specific category, then clicking no replies. So going to overall Image Critiques category will only show you topics with no replies inside of critiques.

That said, if you think it would be useful to have it on latest I can restore this.

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I can see the intended logic, so I don’t think a change is necessary. It is a simple 2-click process to get it on Latest. That works for me. My wife frequently tells me I’m not very observant ( :wink:), so I wanted to point it out since I thought it was a new change that brought it back

Well, I can either remove it from latest altogether (the way you’re getting to it was an oversight), or I can bring it back to latest so it shows on your homepage as well. I’m not particularly tied to either way.

Thanks David! I would prefer to have it available. I rarely go to specific galleries since I enjoy seeing all of them, but Latest includes so many photos, it isn’t easy to see the older photos with no responses. I would frequently use it if available.

You got it. Refresh your homepage and it should show up now! This will also make it more visible to everyone, which is a good thing.

Thanks David! I appreciate all you do!

I guess I’m not quite done causing trouble. At least this is minor (easy for me to say!)

When I first load NPN, No Replies is there. Also, when I click on Latest in a menu, No Replies is there. However, when I am looking at an image or discussion and click on the page header to get back to my home page (Latest), No Replies is not there. If I click on the header again, No Replies shows up.