Contemplating Humans

This brown bear came down the mountain at the hydro power plant, followed the stream under the bridge and caught a bunch of salmon below the hatchery weir while all of us humans were watching the show and taking photos. When he had his fill, he walked back under the bridge and started up the mountain but then turned around, went up to the guard rail, sat down rested his head on the top rail and just sat there watching the humans watching him. He sat there just gazing at us for at least 10 minutes then turned and went back up the mountain.

Sony a6500, Sony FE 100-400 GSM @ 318 mm, ISO-100, f/5.6, 1/160, hand held, square crop for composition.

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Gary, I get that same feeling after gorging on a large meal too…:clown_face:

A really neat candid photo of this bear taking a break after the salmon feast…:+1:

Love the chin on the fence and the contemplative look here Gary. It seems that we humans are just beginning to get clues as to how much intelligence many non-primates have. While it may be anthropomorphizing, this bear sure looks like it’s human watching as it lounges.

He sure looks cute and cuddly, but…

Cool image.

Mark; There was no question about it. There was a whole gaggle of tourists and locals with cell phones and cameras directly across the road from him and he was very clearly observing us! He was very relaxed and his eyes were going back and forth from one side of the crowd to the other.

Gorgeous light and a great pose, Gary. You might think about toning down that background tree-trunk. It’s a bit of an eye grabber.

Hi Gary,

This is one contemplative bear. He might be thinking about why he did not save any room for dessert. Great shot…Jim

Looks like the food coma pose to me. Nice!