Crimson and Gold W/Revision

Still going through my Fall images from Southern Utah last October. This image is from Zion. Nice soft light hitting the yellow and crimson in front of the tree trunks.

Revision with Igor and Adhika’s input

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all comments and suggestion are always helpful and appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Z7ii, ISO 50, F/13 @ 1/5 second, 24-70mm @ 44mm.

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Oh, these are just marvelous David. I really have to make a trip there in the fall. Great composition and the colors are vibrant yet very believable. The yellow oak sapling is interesting. The other oak leaves have their usual dark orange/brown color. I’m wondering if subduing those yellows and letting the reds dominate would be a good idea? It’s a choice of harmony vs color contrast and I just wonder if harmony would be a good choice. But that’s really just theorizing. This is excellent as is and my suggestions don’t imply any thing other than that. Love it.

Really enjoyable, David. There is almost nothing to nit here but I am wondering if that bright yellow oak leaves in the FG could be toned down a little bit. I wouldn’t go as far as making the red dominates as Igor suggests. It’s just a thought, I really like this as presented.

I am already looking forward to the next season in Zion!

This just looks like fun! I would love to had the ability to explore the southwest in the fall, maybe I will win the lotto!

I love how warm the trunks of thee trees are and how the leaves seem to surround the frame. I agree with @Adhika_Lie that the leaves front and center could be toned back a bit, but not a ton I think keeping them brighter than the rest of the frame is a good call.

Images such as this always strike me because when I see them photographed, they work! But for some reason in the field I just don’t see them, I know they are there, but I walk right by.

Your input is very much appreciated @Igor_Doncov , @Adhika_Lie , and @David_Wallace. I’ve posted a revision with the suggestions that Igor and Adhika mentioned perhaps making the image more harmonious rather than about color contrast. I’m interested to know what you think. I like both of them and I actually like the repost better than I thought I would.
Thanks again for your help.
Oh, and @David_Wallace, I used to walk right past these types of compositions my first 3 or 4 times to Zion. I now look for these types of images as I prefer them over the larger grand type landscapes that are easy to fall victim to in a place like Zion or Yosemite. I hope you make it out to Zion and the southwest one day.
@Igor_Doncov, you would absolutely love Zion. There are so many little intimate scenes to be had and you have the vision to see them more than most. I’d love to see your work after a trip or two to Zion.
Adhika, I too am looking forward to my yearly return trip to Zion and South Utah for fall colors.

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Love the repost, David. Gorgeous scene!

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Sorry I’m late to the party here, David. My alert settings were off and I missed several new posts. I really like the repost here, although the original is quite nice too. I have made several shots of this type in Zion over the years. None have turned out nearly this successfully. Well done.