Critique and Gallery Discussion

I really don’t understand the need for two separate galleries. It seems to me that NPN is first and foremost a photographic critique forum. There are other sites where one can post images for “likes” and general viewing. I joined NPN because it offered constructive feedback and saw NPN as a means to improve my photography. As I peruse the Avian Gallery, I find it difficult to comment on some of the photos as I see ways they might be improved and it seems a bit disingenuous to say “Nice image”, when there may be ways to improve the photo. I’m certainly not saying my thoughts are always right, but at least constructive comments from several photographers provides food for thought for the photographer specifically and the members in general. Also, giving the weekly pick to those photos only in the gallery seems unfair to those who are using NPN as a site to improve their photography and frankly, the photos in the critique forum are often as good or better than in the gallery forum.

I’m interested in knowing what others think and how those who are posting in both the critique and gallery sites decide which one to use.

This has been discussed to death in this post:

In short, nothing has changed except we added a place for people to share images who are not comfortable being critiqued for a myriad of reasons.

Is this true? I wasn’t aware the editor’s picks only targeted non-critique galleries.

Allen, it appears that the ‘workflow’ is to repost your final version of an image from the critique gallery to the main gallery where it becomes eligible for a Weekly Pick. I don’t think many are aware of that because I have yet to see an image appear in both galleries.