No Critiques in Galleries Please

Hello everyone,

I wanted to send out a reminder that we have made a small, yet significant change from the old NPN site.

When a photo is posted in a ‘Gallery’ category the poster is not looking for critique. The galleries are only for sharing and to be eligible for the weekly picks. You can discuss how the image was created, what you like about it, discuss the locations, meeting up, etc. It’s just a fun place to share images with like-minded people.

When a photo is posted to a ‘Critique’ category it is fair game for all constructive critiques. This is how everything used to be on NPN, but I have observed that many people do not want to have their images critiqued. There could be a multitude of reasons for this; they prefer to follow their own creative vision and do not want input from others, they may feel intimidated by being critiqued in a public forum, or they may need to work their way up to it by posting in the galleries first to become comfortable. The old system was a bit exclusionary because of this.

I know it will take some getting used to and mistakes will be made, myself or the moderators will let you know if you have critiqued an image in a gallery mistakenly, it’s no big deal, just a learning opportunity. If someone critiques your image in a gallery please try to not get offended, we are trying to overcome many years of habits and it will take time to create this change.

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