Cypress Butts, Spanish Moss & Swamp Water

I appreciate the input on my last. Here’s another from the same December day in subdued sunlight. This frame tends to show the buttresses a little better during the winter drawdown, probably 2-3 feet below the spring and summer levels. I find it interesting how the exposed butts take on different colors, and it shows how prolific the moss can grow in these regions. Welcome to Acadiana!

E-5 Zuiko 50-200 @200 tripod, ISO 100 1/5 f/14 -1/3EV

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Bill, this looks great, it provides a more intimate view than your prior post. The square crop is very effective, the composition feels nicely balanced. The color and contrast look good too. I love that moss, it has a very interesting color and texture. I like this as presented, nicely done.

If you don’t mind my asking, are you shooting from a canoe or boat to get these types of scenes?

Thanks Ed. As I mentioned in the techs, this was on a tripod at 1/5 sec 200mm, but maybe that wasn’t clear. I have shot LOTS of this type from either canoe or kayak, but at much faster shutter speed and certainly not at that long a focal length. Funny you mention it - I attempted using a monopod in a canoe once that almost ended in disaster. Another thing making imagery from a small boat a challenge is avoiding an unfavorable wake, however I do have a few where the wake actually adds interest. I’ll post one or two of those in due course.


There ya go. This really works for me and addresses much of what was commented on in the previous post. Intimate, concise and tells the story a bit better. Great job here.


The soft light showcases these trees so beautifully here. I like the progression of the composition from left to right, along with the little hints of plants in reflection to add some interest. The only things that catch my eye are the dark and light spots on the right upper edge since they are almost darker and brighter than anything else in the scene. You could consider a slight crop in to the right if you also find those spots to be distracting. Otherwise, I love your take on these fascinating trees.

Very much like the composition, the soft light, and the reflections. The abstract qualities of this are very appealing.

Thanks to @Lon_Overacker, @Sarah_Marino and @Tony_Kuyper for your input on this. Many areas around Lafayette are loaded with places like this. But what’s nice about Lake Martin is that the bird rookery is often a big attraction in late spring. Sarah, I noticed the same thing and actually dodged that darker part you mention, but it didn’t seem to work for me. This area is often overgrown with Spanish moss, which works great especially during soft light and calm morning conditions. By mid morning it’s another story with the day breeze and strong sunlight which can ruin things.

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This is truly gorgeous as it is - I would not change a thing!

Beautiful scene, I love these swamps, hope to get there sometime…
As good as this is, I wonder about taking some time to clean up the water?
Not a realistic scene then I suppose, but the reflections are so nice, I should like to see it.