Discounts on partner products, a poll, and a few updates

Member Discounts

We are very excited to announce the new member discount section on NPN! We have partnered up with some of the people/companies that we know you all love and we will be adding more all the time!

Get your discounts!

Here is a list of who we have on board already:

  • TKPanel and Videos - 20% off
  • Sean Bagshaw Videos - 20% off
  • Smugmug - 15% off
  • Bret Edge ePhotoGuides - 20% off
  • Alex Burke Photography eBooks - 20% off
  • On Landscape Magazine - 15% off
  • Lumenzia Panel and Videos - 20% off
  • Alex Noriega Videos - 20% off
  • Eric Bennett Videos - 20% off
  • Nature Photo Guides - 20% off
  • Analemma Press (Colleen Miniuk-Sperry) - 10% off
  • ADP Panel - 20% off (coming soon!)

Please keep in mind that these are visible to NPN members only, do not share these codes with anyone if you want the discount section to stick around!

We would love to hear who you would like to be added to this list, so please let us know (I already contacted DxO about the Nik plugins, they don’t do discounts). If you have your own products you would like to offer for a discount please add them in this category.

Note: the old marketplace has been replaced by this, we will no longer be selling products from members directly, instead we are offering these discounts which give more value to members with bigger discounts than we could offer before.

We are also working on our Partner Products section, where you can add products that you sell and members can leave reviews on your products. We are still transitioning the old marketplace products over here and just added a few for examples. Please feel free to add your products now, they will be visible after approval. You can add videos, ebooks, physical books, calendars, portfolio books, etc. It must be a single product, not something like selling prints in general.

Please take part in our survey

We also have a survey going on that will help shape the future of NPN. The topic is whether we should keep image critiques private, or allow the public to read them, a very important topic.

Let us know what you think!

Some small changes

We continue to tweak NPN to make it the best experience possible, here’s what changed this week:

  • If you have friends that want to try out NPN, I have made the barrier to entry lower. The free 30 day trial no longer requires a credit card, so there is no commitment to try it out! The only area they will not be able to access is the member discounts.
  • Avatars on the home page now show the avatar of the person who created the topic rather than the person who last replied to the topic.
  • On all pages I have increased the avatar size of the original poster so you immediately know who created the topic.


I’ll make one statement: I don’t EVER want to get promotions from your partners. That doesn’t appear to be what’s happening in your offerings, and I encourage you never to offer the service to partners in the future.

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I can assure you I would never abuse NPN in such a way. These are strictly discounts as a benefit to members and will never go beyond that.

The partner products category is a place for members to share their products that other members may be interested in to support each other. If you don’t want to see partner products on the forum you can mute this category, see this post Customize what categories you see


Hey David,

This is really great. I would love to see Robert Rodriguez’s “Printmaker’s Masterclass” included. I recently did the course and it is wonderfully presented and demystifies the whole printing process. It is a must for anyone who wants to learn to print including choosing paper according to vision, integrating colour profiles and all the other details that add up to great results. Here’s the link:

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I was assuming that to be the case, but years of internet experience (and abuse!) have made me gun shy. I won’t be using the mute function because there are a lot of fine folks here at the site with lots to offer.

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:crossed_fingers: Crosses fingers for Ryan Dyar getting on board.

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Good Stuff-Dave!

How about B&H free 2day shipping on any amount purchased.

I’m with KelbyOne also and I think that’s there deal with B&H.

I live in NY so I can get my orders in 2 days anyways, but for you west coasters it might be a good perk to consider.


Kerry, where are the Rodriguez workshops given? I don’t see that in his website.

Well, he does have periodic on site classes but I’m referring to his online course. This link takes you to a page that outlines the course and lets you enroll:

David, is there a code we should use in order to get the various discounts or is it NPN? …… I just found it. Never mind!

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This are killer deals! Thanks contributors for these discounts.

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Wish granted! Ryan Dyar Instructional Videos - 25% off

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:hushed::hushed::hushed: Awesome news! (goes to find credit card)

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