Announcing the NPN Marketplace with a Sale

We are excited to announce the launch of the NPN Marketplace! Here you will find educational materials from our talented contributors in the form of post-processing videos and eBooks. This is a great way to support your fellow photographer/NPN member and learn from some extremely talented photographers.

For the launch, all products are discounted, some up to 40% off. The sale ends at midnight on Monday. After the sale, all products will still be 10% off for NPN members only and will always be, one of the many perks that are coming for NPN members.

In the future we will be adding many more products from a variety of photographers in all genres which will include physical products as well. If you have a product you would like to submit for consideration please contact us, we only accept high-quality content that provides exceptional value.

NPN Marketplace


Hi David

I have an ebook I would like to put in the marketplace that I co- authored with my business partner in Costa Rica. It is titled “Lightroom For The Nature Photographer”. It consists of a pdf and about 3 1/2 hours of video tutorials. What are the terms for NPN and the marketplace?



I’ll shoot you a message!

I have a series of eBooks that are very popular with photographers and will sell well on the NPN marketplace. Here is the link:

These are eBook versions of my printed books.

Let me know if you are interested in offering these for sale on NPN.

Best regards,


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Please take a look at the link to my ebook on photographing Shenandoah National Park. It covers specifics on how to photograph landscape, sunrise/sunset, waterfalls, stars/milky way, macro, wildlife, etc. In addition I cover shooting in the park during all four seasons. I visited all 75 overlooks multiple times and I list the best ones for photography with specifics to the selected overlooks including foreground objects and the best time of year to shoot. Some are great for sweeping views of fall foliage while others have many opportunities to shoot if you move around the overlook area. No none has ever put together a guide to Shenandoah before and the reviews have been very good. Over 50 pages and it is available on Amazon Kindle and Apple I books for $9.99. Search Shenandoah Photography.

Link :

Preview available.

Long time member of NPN.


Andrew Sentipal

I don’t know if they’re interested or not, but Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks and Sean Bagshaw’s tutorials for them would be excellent additions.

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Hi Andrew, I will keep this in mind. I’m on the fence on whether we will be offering guide books. With the over-visitation problems all the parks are seeing we are opposed to sharing locations these days. It’s certainly nothing to do with you, but we’re trying to take a stance that locations should only be shared between close friends.

I’m already working with Tony and some other companies to get special discounts for members :+1: I will certainly be in touch with Sean as well. Thanks Dennis!

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I fully agree with this and am happy to see it as NPN policy. It is not just parks and not just in the US, it is a worldwide problem. I make a point of being as vague as possible about location of my photos. Sometimes the locations are immediately recognizable, but if they’re not I hold back.

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I am interested in submitting my eFotoGuide ebooks to the NPN marketplace. I’m happy to send you complimentary copies of both ebooks, Arches & Zion.

Thank you.

Bret Edge

While not being strictly photography related, my e-book guide to hiking in Colorado’s Pikes Peak region maybe a nice book to add, since many of the trails also have great photographic opportunities. I’m also working this winter on another hiking guidebook to some of Colorado’s alpine lakes, which are always good photo opportunities. That book should be released this coming spring. Let me know if you’d be interested in marketing them here.

Here’s the other e-book. More of a guide for visitors to the Charleston area. Both books were created with Apple’s iBooks Author.

Have a great week!

Happy 2019!