Podcast episode about NPN

Greetings NPN! I wanted to share something neat with all of you. I met up with @David_Kingham , @Jennifer_Renwick , @Alex_Noriega , and @Ron_Coscorrosa to record a podcast episode about NPN last weekend. We huddled around Ron’s dinner table and had a conversation about NPN, why David and Jennifer purchased it, what their plans are for it, and how it is / can be better than social media in so many ways for nature photographers. I encourage you to listen and share widely with your friends who might be on the fence about NPN or who might have an interest in NPN but not be sure about whether or not they should join. It was a fun conversation and it illustrated all of the great aspects of this community.

You can find it on iTunes, or my blog.

As a bonus, we discussed the importance of education in advancing your photography over on the bonus episode on Patreon.


Great episode! It was fun to hear from everyone about how this transition happened and where David and Jennifer see NPN going.


Glad that you enjoyed it Erik! Thanks for helping produce it!


Very informative. A great way to get the word out about the new NPN.

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I’m glad you enjoyed it - thanks for listening!

New to NPN and the podcast. Thanks for the great show and helping to expand NPN. Im looking forward to being an active beginner member.


Good deal man! Thanks for helping spread the word and I look forward to seeing your work here!

Dig the podcast Matt, I just signed up to NPN because of it. Looking forward to what it has to offer!

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I think you’ll love it, especially the critique forum

Keep up the awesome work Matt. :slight_smile:

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What episode and title? Is it available from TuneIn? I don’t know much about podcasts, don’t use iTunes and don’t do Apple products.

Episode 77:

Hey @Matt_Payne- I listened last night and it prompted me to jump in.

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@Bob_Miller yes! About time! I tried to tag you in a post this week and couldn’t because you weren’t here yet! Welcome aboard!

Cool. I’ll make an effort to bring more to the site.

@Matt_Payne- There’s an Idaho climber I want to introduce you to. Check FB Messenger later on.

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Hi Matt,
Thanks for covering NPN on your podcast. The discussion sealed it for me after first hearing about it earlier on an earlier podcast of yours. I soured on social media earlier this year due to the very reasons this was created (as cited on the NPN About page) and this is just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks again for promoting it. I look forward to engaging with you and the rest of the NPN family.
All my best,

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Awesome Matt! Excited to see what you post here in NPN!

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