Introduce yourself to the NPN community!

Hello everyone,

I know many of you have been around for years and know each other well, but we will also be having an influx of new folks after we launch the site to the public soon. So I thought this was a good opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves.

I’ll kick it off! I have been photographing for 10 years now and am focused on landscape photography, I have recently fell in love with smaller, intimate scenes. NPN was where I began my journey into photography and I learned so much through the critiques and met so many amazing people who I call dear friends to this day. This is why I decided to revive NPN, I know it holds a special place in many peoples hearts and I couldn’t bear to see that fade away.

In my former life I was in the architectural field doing 3d modeling for a design/build firm finding issues between different building systems. I was thankfully laid off and decided to do photography full-time.

I now travel full-time in an RV around the American west, my partner in life/crime/business is @Jennifer_Renwick , she is my co-leader on our workshops and she will be helping to run NPN and contributing articles as well.

That’s me in a very small nutshell, now let’s hear about you! We would love to hear what you would like to get out of NPN.


Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Renwick, and I’m the other half of David. I’m originally from Illinois and worked in Veterinary Medicine for 14 years prior to making photography my full-time job. I went for the life change and moved out west after meeting David, and now travel full-time on the road teaching photography workshops with David. Home base is Golden, Colorado where we have family. I enjoy landscape photography, but my favorite subjects to shoot are natural abstracts and black and white. I also dabble in wildlife a bit with a wild dolphin series in B&W that I’m currently working on. I’m excited to be a part of this new adventure and look forward to “meeting” all you!


Hi All! My name is Preston Birdwell. I joined NPN in 2002 after being seriously into photography since 1971.

I am a Viet Nam era USAF veteran and was a jet aircraft mechanic on fighter aircraft.

After obtaining my college degrees, I ran the physics lab at Columbia College, CA. In the mid 1980’s, I started my career in the fire service, and attained the rank of Fire Chief at Columbia College. I retired in 2013 after 27 years as a fire fighter/EMT and adjunct fire science instructor.

Since retiring, I have concentrated on my landscape photography, mostly in the Sierra. I like doing intimate scenes, abstracts, and grand landscapes. Additionally, I play acoustic guitar; mostly Bluegrass, and old-time fiddle tunes.

NPN has played a major role in my growth as a photographer, and I have met folks here who I count among my closest friends.

It is a pleasure to continue to be a part of this great community, and, as a moderator, I will help in any way I can.


Photography has been my hobby, my passion for close to 40 years. My photographic journey began when I was a teenager when I bought my first camera, a 35mm Minolta range finder with the money I earned from a summer job. My passion really took hold when I was in college after taking a variety of photography courses in the chemistry, physics, and art. I grew up 5 miles (as the crow flies) from NYC, NY in New Jersey so much of my initial work was cityscapes. Having grown up in the urban landscape, I longed to spend more time in less crowded, natural spaces. I developed a love for the outdoors and spent a lot of time hiking and photographing in the Catskills and Adirondacks in NY and White Mountains of NH.

In the early 1980’s, I started to travel to places I dreamed about visiting - Alaska, Desert Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Northern California, Colorado, Hawaii, and more recently, Nova Scotia, Scotland, and Norway. I have been traveling back to these same places and many new ones, taking my husband and two sons along so they can experience and enjoy the natural beauty of these places. I love to travel for the sake of taking photographs but my favorite place of course is Boothbay, Maine our second home. Next stop - Ireland the end of September 2018.

I specialize in seascapes, landscapes, and nature abstracts using both film and digital cameras. My goal is to capture the best image possible in-camera using graduated neutral density filters to improve tonal range of both my digital and film images. For many years, I printed black and white as well as color images in my own darkroom from negatives and transparencies taken with my 35mm, medium format, and 4X5 cameras. Today I use Lightroom and Photoshop only for basic editing and to prepare an image for print.

I currently live in Atkinson, NH with my family but have also been enjoying our summer home in Boothbay for over 30 years.

To support my photography habit and my family, I work as a materials scientist for an electronics company in New Hampshire evaluating new materials and processes for circuit boards used in high speed servers (some of them almost as tall as me) and defense systems. In my spare time I usually have a camera in hand waiting for those moments of dramatic light. I am also one of the gallery moderators on Nature You can view more of my work on my website and I hope you enjoy my photographic vision. critiques have been key in helping me improve my photographic techniques through the years. I hope the new NPN will continue that tradition. Don’t be afraid to ask for critiques, analyze them, and improve your work. I am currently one of the Landscape Moderators on NPN.


Hey there! I’m Ryan Stikeleather, and I don’t know anyone here. I recognize a lot of names from my time surfing the web for landscape photography tutorials and articles, but don’t know anyone personally. So far, I’d say the NPN community has been more than I could have hoped for.

I moved to Colorado in 1997 right after graduating from college, and have been hiking and camping as much as possible ever since.

I’ve been living in Colorado Springs, CO with my wife and daughter since the fall of 2000. I started out working with the Fort Carson MWR Marketing department, as their graphic designer, and am currently employed as the network manager of the Army’s digital signage program. It sounds way more interesting than it actually is, but it does pay the bills. And occasionally, I get to travel to some cool places.

I’ve been interested in photography since I was a kid, but I’ve only been actively trying to improve my skills over that past few years. I enjoy landscape photography the most, but I would like to branch out into time-lapse and night photography.

I’m eager to learn new skills and methods from anyone, and everyone whose willing to teach. I’d also like to learn how to develop my photography to a professional level. I guess my ultimate goal would be working as a full-time landscape photographer. That’s a lot to ask, but I can dream, right?

If your interested, you can find more of my work at


Hello everyone my name is Paul Breitkreuz. With having a lengthy hard to pronounce last name I have always used the on line handle “Trail Images” for years.

I’ve been an NPN member since 2006. My interest in photography began during my USAF military service working on the Distant Early Warning, a.ka. DEW Line, throughout the state of Alaska during the Viet Nam war era.

During my two year tour in Alaska I was assigned to the 21st CE Squadron as part of an engineering group in direct support of all the USAF DEW Line remote radar stations. As a result we traveled the entire state from the last island in the Aleutians to the top of the state to Point Barrow above the Arctic Circle. Our on-site missions were usually 1 to 2 months at each locale. AK-DEW Line

After my military assignment and service discharge I went back to school and graduated from college here in So Cal. I then spent a career of 37 years and retired from the telecommunications industry here in So Cal. During that time I also spent 20+ years drag racing throughout the western states in the NHRA Division 7 circuit. I raced in the Super Gas & Pro Gas categories on a 9.80 index.

Once I sold my last race car I found a need to fill my off duty hours and also something to carry over into my retirement years as well. Returning to the world of photography I started out with at that time the 35mm platform and long lenses in pursuit of wildlife images. After a few years I migrated to landscape photography. At first with MF gear and ultimately to LF gear. I still have and use that same hardware to this day and use film as my only capture media.

Although I avoid normal social media sites per se, I’ve always found the photographic communities a good group of folks to interface with overall. None have surpassed that all around congenial relationship more so then the Nature Photographers Network site. I’ve been fortunate to not only have interfaced with many in the NPN community on line for years, but also directly with many of those folks in the field as well.


Hi everyone! My name is Tom Nevesely and I’m based out of Calgary, Canada. Calgary is about 1 hour east of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta and Banff and Kananaskis in the Rockies is where I like to spend the majority of my time shooting.

I’ve been shooting seriously for the past 15 years and I most enjoy shooting the “classic” grand landscape. That’s not to say I don’t try to also focus on photographing the smaller things.

For the past year or so, I’ve been working on creating a time-lapse film (also shot in the Canadian Rockies) so I haven’t really shot too many traditional photographs. I’ve found that if I try to do both time-lapse and traditional photography on the same outing the quality of both ends up suffering. As kind of a compromise, every now and then, I re-process some of my old images to take advantage of Photoshop skills I’ve learned since I processed the image the first time around. Also, I’m afraid that if I stop post-processing images that I’ll forget what I have learned…

Anyway, I look forward to seeing everyone’s images here and if your interested, you can see more of my work at


I began “taking pictures” with my first SLR in the mid 70s. Picture-taking is all it really amounted to until the mid 90s when I invested in the Canon EOS system and got some help from Charles Glatzer, who is one seriously talented photographer. To this day I admire Chas and his photographic accomplishments.

I began dabbling with HTML in the late 90s and one day decided to build a website, which went online in April of 2000. It was crude but at the time unique, and with the participation of some nature photographers I had met on other websites, it quickly grew. It never would have amounted to anything without the participation of those early users.

To this day I continue to enjoy photography of all kinds, including nature. Donna and I live in NH with our two rescue mutts, Gracie Rose (my current avatar) and Maddie Lou. I continue to work full time in product management and applications engineering for a large manufacturer of water flow products.

It’s been quite an experience witnessing the evolution of nature photography websites over the last 18 years, and I count myself fortunate to have been associated with such an amazingly talented group of people on NPN over that time. I am thrilled that NPN is now in the hands of David and Jennifer - my sincere thanks to all for having made NPN what it is and your contributions to its continuing success!


Здраствуйте! I’m a Russian/American. My grandfather was an artillery officer of the White Army that fought in the Russian Revolution of 1917. Born in Yugoslavia, we left when I was 4 due to imminent death grandfather would have faced when the Red Army entered Yugoslavia during WWII. Like millions of others I spent the next 4 years in a DP camp waiting for a host country to take us in.

My introduction to photography came at a very early age. Dad was an amateur photographer who became the resident camp photographer. We often spent evenings together with that dim red light on in the darkroom, waiting for images to magically appear on a piece of paper. Dad built darkrooms wherever we travelled until color photography came out and then it all stopped.

That was my introduction but I didn’t get serious about it until my mid 30’s. There was a period of time in my life when I practiced meditation quite frequently. That opened up a new world of vision and photography became my vehicle of expressing it. Meditational practices of calming the mind and removing all other matter made it possible to see in an undistracted way that revealed the natural world as I had never seen it before. I became seriously interested in capturing these visions as photographic images. That approach has remained the essence of my photography to this day.

I was very much against all processing when I first joined NPN at around 2010 (I can’t remember when). Perhaps the biggest influence that NPN has had was in accepting processing as a way to improve an image. Readings from Guy Tal and Bruce Birnbaum also drove me in that direction. My favorite photographers at this time are the British group of landscape photographers that process their images very sparingly. My landscapes are usually of the intimate variety. I like to show the extraordinary in the ordinary.


I never knew you were a motorhead, Paul!

My first car (in 1970) was a '66 Mustang convertible that got the full treatment (Crane solid lifter, Edelbrock, Holley, 4-speed top-loader, 4.11:1 axle ratio, etc.) that was good for around mid-to-low 14s back in the day. More recently I sold my 2007 Subaru Forester XT that turned into a money pit too but turned high 12s with a 4-speed automatic.

I’ll need to keep working until I die due to having too many expensive hobbies. :rofl:


First, I would like to thank Jim for all of his work on NPN over the years. When I was first getting started in photography, NPN was hugely influential on my development and I am so grateful that this forum existed. I am also thrilled that David and Jennifer will be shepherding it through its next phase of evolution.

I am a nature photographer, photography educator, and writer with a home base in rural southwestern Colorado (we spend about half of our time at home and the other half working from the road in an Airstream trailer). I photograph a diverse range of subjects in nature including grand landscapes, intimate landscapes, abstract renditions of natural subjects, and creative portraits of plants and trees.

I am getting pretty close to focusing on photography full-time but still can’t quite let go of my prior career in consulting with nonprofits and foundations across Colorado. Along with my husband and fellow nature photographer Ron Coscorrosa, I have co-authored a set of popular ebooks and video tutorials for nature photographers (topics include: photographing nature’s small scenes, black and white nature photography, and photo processing, along with popular photo location guides for Death Valley National Park and Iceland).


Sarah, thanks for the nod! I think the best days of NPN are now in front, and it is absolutely awesome seeing so many getting active on NPN again. It is really an honor that David and Jennifer thought NPN was a valuable enough asset to nature photographers that they would make the commitment to take it to the next level.

It’s great to be here and remain a part of the NPN community!


Hi, I’m Angela Classen. I’ve worked as a legal secretary/paralegal in law firms since I was 19. The legal field is very deadline driven and thus there is a lot of stress. Photography helps me keep my sanity.

I first joined NPN around 2007 or so, after meeting Bret Edge, whom I had hired as a photo guide while on vacation in Moab. He took me to some pretty awesome spots, one of which was Dead Horse Point. Watching the sunrise that morning literally changed my life. After that experience, I decided I wanted to improve my skills and took Bret’s suggestion to join NPN. I’ve never regretted that decision. The helpful and thoughtful critiques I received vastly improved my skills, something I feel would not have happened had I continued to “self teach.” In 2010, when an opportunity arose to move from the plains of Kansas to the western slope of Colorado, my husband and I grabbed it. Grand Junction is a great outdoor photography base camp - 1.5 hours to Moab, and less than 2 hours to the San Juans! My favorite local haunt is the Colorado National Monument, which is about 20 min. from my house. It’s been so much fun to actually experience in person the fall colors out here - the San Juans, Grand Mesa and Steamboat Springs are my favorite fall locations. I’ve also become a very avid hiker. I hike up on the Grand Mesa or in the San Juans in the summer (when it’s hot here in the valley) and so long as we don’t get a ton of snow, I can hike a lot of the winter here in the desert. It’s the perfect combination!

I mostly shoot landscapes, but also love shooting macros/close ups of flowers. I’ve finally upgraded to a full frame camera (Canon 6d) and am very slowly trying to learn Photoshop. I had let my NPN membership lapse, but when I saw the site was being revived, I decided to give it a try. I’m hopeful this will again become my go-to source for thoughtful critiques and advice. I’ve made many acquaintances over the years through NPN and it’s always fun to run into a member out in the field or find them on Facebook, which has happened a number of times. Many of the photographers on NPN are an inspiration to me, and still feel there is a lot I can learn from all of you.


Hi, everyone! My name is Ajit Huilgol. I am a kidney transplant surgeon, practising my craft in Bangalore, India, since 1983.
I have been a member of NPN since 2012, and have managed to get a few Editor’s picks as well :slight_smile:
I picked up my first digital camera in 2007, got my ARPS in 2008, and a Runner Up Award in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in the Mammals Behaviour Category in 2009. I have travelled quite extensively around the world, but there are so many places still on my wish list.
I haven’t been posting for about a year now, but hope to correct that soon.
I will need all your help in improving my skills in wildlife photography.


Hey everyone!

I’ve always heard about how awesome NPN was back in it’s heyday, so I’m really excited to watch this forum get back on it’s feet and bring back some of the more thoughtful and deeper discussions around nature photography and away from the ‘sick shot/nailed it bro’ types of discussion.

I grew up about 35 miles southeast of Pittsburgh (Monongahela Valley) and moved to Portland, OR in 2001. I’ve always loved photography and nature but really threw myself into the deep end of it all in around 2012. Since then I’ve really put a lot into learning about the craft and exploring the artist within myself via photography. I’m a licensed guide and run photography workshops in the Pacific NW and I’m starting to venture into other areas as well, with my second Death Valley workshop happening in 2019 and some other locations being offered in the future. Since getting into nature photography I have been an award winning photographer every year by winning the coveted ‘Mom’s Favorite Photographer’ award each consecutive year.

I pretty much only shoot nature and only when I’m compelled to/connected to my environment. Otherwise it just feels forced. I’ve even made it a point lately to get back to my roots and make photography a secondary focus with just being in nature the primary. For a while I would venture out specifically for photography which resulted in me forcing things and not being connected to them. Now I just go out and pull my camera out only when I see something that elevates my soul to the point where I want to capture it. It’s much more rewarding for me.

I have a 10 year old son that I co-parent and my girlfriend is also a photographer (and an amazing one)… so we spend a lot of time outside filling our souls.

Looking forward to watching to community grow!

You can view my work and services at


Hi Everyone.

My name is Dennis Plank and I live south of Olympia, Washington. I’ve been taking pictures a long time, but I wouldn’t call it photography until I got into wild flowers twenty years ago or so. They remained my only serious subjects until my wife and I started seeing one another in 2005. She got me interested in birds and before long I was investing in big glass and gimbal heads. I found NPN ten years ago and it has made an enormous difference in my photography as well as introducing me to a lot of great people.

I do a lot of set-up photography on our own property where I’ve built a permanent blind with pools and a feeding station. I also frequent the local wildlife refuges and take as many excursions as feasible. I also do volunteer work restoring prairies in our area and they provide ample opportunity to practice my floral photography.


Hi folks.

I’m Gary Randall. I live in Oregon and am a full time photographer.

I’ve been a photographer all of my life but a full time pro for the last 20 years. In addition to my photography business I am a licensed outfitter and guide and conduct tours in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

I was a member of the NPN way back but I never participated because I felt intimidated, and then I fell away. I’m back with a vengeance this time and am looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone here. I love photography.

Due to the condition of photography and social media on the interwebs today I’m hoping for a good and positive experience here at NPN. Thank you to those who have welcomed me so far. Thank you to @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick for taking this project on.

Let’s do this. :slight_smile:


As is perhaps true for many others, my interest in photography was first sparked by grand landscapes. I still shoot them, but find that my interests are shifting in the direction of scenes with a strong human element in them, albeit with no human figures. I am utterly incapable of photographing human animals, but enjoy photographing the non-human varieties, which reflects an infinitely greater empathy towards furry, feathered and scaly critters than towards my species. My eternal avatar, Ajax the Chubby Tabby, is one of our seven rescue cats and is always an obliging model, as are some of his foster siblings.

I am a first generation Argentinian. My Patiño father was from Galicia (the NW corner of Spain) and my Douce mother from France. I have a life-long attachment to the culture of old Europe and to the land of the Americas. A move to the US in 1986 to embark in an academic career in the Earth and Planetary Sciences began with graduate school at the University of Oregon, followed by a faculty appointment at the University of Georgia in Athens, where my wife (also from Argentina) and I have taught since 1991. The southeastern US has never been home, however, owing to a combination of factors: geographic (no mountains, deserts nor cirques), climatic (insufferably humid and long summers) and not least cultural (an equally fervent dislike of country music and hip-hop). The lack of mobility of academic couples has kept us here this long but we have recently bought a home in Santa Fe and will be retiring and moving to New Mexico in the near future.

Although my Ph.D. is in geology I am not interested in rocks. I am a mathematical physicist and rocks are no more than an excuse to write equations and to speak mathematics, which is the only universal language. The beauty of mathematics, and in fact of all of the physical sciences, is that answers are absolute, they do not depend on human subjectivity, opinions or belief systems - they are external to the observer and are what they are whatever you choose to believe.

Photography, like all art, is the exact opposite and thus provides balance to what I do. There is no way, for instance, to tell whether you see color the same way that I do. There is no external and absolute criterion that says that a certain composition is “better” than another one, or that a certain subject matter is more or less appealing or worthy. Gustav Mahler was viciously attacked by critics during his short life, among many other things because he dared to introduce in his symphonies popular motifs, unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere. Yet more than a century later there are many of us who feel that his unique genius was his ability to do this, and to exploit orchestral color in ways that make his music perhaps the most deeply felt and spontaneous among that of all great composers. I am no Mahler, of course, but, being a Mahler devotee, I wished to bring up this example to explain why I generally do not seek feedback, and why I am reticent to offer it. On to more practical matters, at present most of my photography is done with vintage manual focus lenses - Leica R, Carl Zeiss/Contax and Minolta Rokkor - attached to Sony full-frame cameras (A7, A7R and A7S). I do all of my processing in Capture One, which I find to be an uncluttered, versatile and powerful platform, which is also easy to learn on your own.

I often wish that I had been born half a century earlier. Among many other things, that would have saved me from the advent of (anti)social media and its influencers, selfies their practitioners and their hideous sticks, likes, follows, drones, discount airlines and mass tourism, the globalization of banality and, more generally and tragically, the widespread rejection of the Enlightenment ideals. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t grieve for a world that no longer exists. I visited Argentina for the last time a few years ago. I got so upset by the mass tourism that I encountered in Patagonia and the Puna Plateau that I decided never to go back. I want to keep with me the memories (and fading slides) of what those places were in the 1960’s and 70’s, when in my teens and early twenties I drove all over the country in a battered old Jeep with a WWII-vintage Leica rangefinder and Weston light meter on the passenger seat.

If you are interested, you can see some of my photography here and read some of my somewhat technical discussions and assorted opinions here.


Hello everyone!
I’m not sure how to determine when I joined NPN but it goes back to its early days (maybe around 2002 like Preston Birdwell?). I formerly moderated one or more of its forums and spent a lot of time here - along with many new friends I gained here - learning and growing into the photographic artist that I am today.

I have been working with the camera for nearly thirty years and have been a full-time professional for ten. I’ve hung many exhibitions (group and solo) over the years and my images have been published in and on the covers of numerous magazines, web publications, calendars, textbooks, and music CD’s and my prints are held internationally in the private collections of the United States Embassy, Kaiser Permanente, Milken Family Foundation, The Wilderness Society, and many others.

My photographs have been instrumental in the campaigns of The Wilderness Society , Campaign for America’s Wilderness , and National Parks Conservation Association and have helped to shape wildfire management and solar energy policies, and to advance federal Wilderness and National Monument designation and expansion.

I own and operate Death Valley Photo Tours and Great Printer Profiles , the leading provider of custom printer profiles for photographers and print makers. I co-founded (with Guy Tal) Visionary Photography Workshops and also teach for The Los Angeles Center of Photography .

I live in Southern California with my wife, Shauna, and too many happily rescued felines.

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

I look forward to participating in NPN 2.0!

Many THANKS to Jim and and Donna Erhardt for creating the rather visionary NPN back when they did and for letting me be part of it! I made many lasting friendships via NPN; it’s incredible. Thanks to David and Jennifer for reviving and facelifting NPN. It will live on as a great resource for many photographers.


Hello all! My name is Jason Frye and I’ve been treating photography as a serious ‘hobby’ for about the last 5 years, starting with my first DSLR back around 2004 when my first child was born. As the kids grew, and they didn’t want their picture taken anymore I started turning to other subjects. Grand landscapes and nightscapes appealed to be me at first, and they still do, but in the last year or so I’ve been trying to expand into more of the smaller scenes too.

I live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, so my usual subjects in this area are either a quick weekend trip to the mountains of NC (Blue Ridge Parkway / Smoky Mountains) or down to the coast of North or South Carolina. My day job is working as a Systems Architect for a large bank…so photography becomes my creative outlet and a time to just detach. I’m primarily a ‘weekend warrior’ I guess….with the full-time job, wife and two teenage girls, I just don’t get out as much as I’d like.

With the lack of time, I turn to workshops. I feel they help let me focus solely on photography for a few days while spending time with other like-minded folks and learning from folks I admire (I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a few workshops with @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick !). Also, with the lack of time, my progression in photography probably doesn’t mature as fast as I wish. :slight_smile:

I’m on the quiet side, so I can’t say I’m the best at engaging with others, so be patient with me as I get comfortable on this wonderful site. I hope to learn a ton from the folks here. I certainly don’t mind constructive critiques…it’s one of the best ways to learn in my opinion…what works, what doesn’t and why. I’ve posted primarily on Flickr and Facebook before, but there’s definitely something lacking on those sites these days…and look forward to hopefully engaging here in the future.

Anyway….that’s likely enough rambling about me :slight_smile: Glad to be here!