I'm A New Member - Hey Everyone!

I'm A New Member - Hey Everyone!

Hey All! I recently signed up and just want to say “Hi” to everyone. I’ve been eyeing this site for a while now and finally decided to join. I look forward to checking out all the great images, posting my own, and making some great friends!

Aurora, CO

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Hello and welcome Tom to the newer version of NPN. Many of the old timers from the original site as well as many newcomers have migrated to this updated version…:sunglasses:
We look forward to seeing your work and do not be shy with your own constructive comments on the work being posted by others too…:+1:

Paul - Thx for the tip and warm welcome. :smiley:

Welcome to NPN Tom. I look forward to seeing some of your work posted here in the near future. And as @Paul_Breitkreuz said, don’t be hesitant to comment on others peoples images as well. Sometimes the process of commenting on the images of other can be just as educational as it is to receive comments on your own work.

Hey Ed! Yep - totally understand - Thx! :smiley:

Tom, welcome to NPN! So glad you made the leap. I think you will find this to be a very nice platform to learn, meet other photographers, and to display your photos, as well as enjoy seeing some great photos that others have taken. As Ed said, we can learn just as much commenting (because it makes you think before you type) on others as you can receiving comments on your own. Another thing that helps me here, is I keep checking the settings and any other info provided, of images or styles of shots that peak my interest. Enjoy NPN!

Hi Tom and welcome aboard. I am looking forward to seeing your work and reading your thoughts on the work of others. It is a nice friendly place around here.

Nothing new to add to the others, but welcome aboard, Tom.

Thank you all for your warm welcomes! :grin:

Welcome to NPN Tom! Looking forward to seeing you post here.

Welcome Tom! Looking forward to seeing your work. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the site.

Hi Tom
There are quite a few people from the Denver area on here. Welcome!


Welcome aboard! Will look forward to your images and participation! thanks for letting us know, you’re off to a great start!


Thanks Lon - Appreciate it! :blush:

Hi Tom, and welcome to NPN!

Welcome, Tom! Glad to have you on board.

Hey Tom,
We are close. I’ve had success at Cherry Creek and Chatfield state parks, 10 miles from you.
This is a good place to learn.

Thanks Richard! :grin:

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