NPN Podcast Interview

Hello everyone, recently myself and @Cody_Schultz went on to @Matt_Payne’s podcast to talk about NPN and the soon-to-be-released NPN magazine “Nature Vision”. Matt has given us early access to listen to it. It was a great discussion!


H David, @Cody_Schultz and @Matt_Payne :slight_smile:

I just listened to your podcast episode about the upcoming release of the new “Nature Vision” magazine and I very much enjoyed the entire discussion. :slight_smile:

I’m sure Nature Vision will be a Great Success and I’m looking forward to it’s launch and first edition!

Well done, fellas! :slight_smile:


Hey Merv!
Glad you enjoyed the chat! Thanks for the positive feedback!

I’m so behind on my podcasts but I’m looking forward to this one!

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That was a great episode. Good to finally see Cody and David. I was on the podcast once and Matt is a great host. It was fun and quite informative to listen. Thanks.