NPN Insight - f/stop and Collaborate Podcast

NPN Insight - f/stop and Collaborate Podcast
(Gary Randall) #1

Hi everyone. I just took some time to listen to Matt Payne’s latest podcast. It has David Kingham, Jennifer Renwick, Alex Noriega and Ron Coscorossa featured.

A lot of great insight into the direction of the new NPN. I thought that I would share for those who don’t follow Matt.—nature-photographers-network

(Brent Clark) #2

My favorite part was when they were talking about the value of education vs gear. I agreed completely - gear is great and fun and all, but spending $5 a month on a place like this, $60 on a processing video, several hundred bucks on a workshop can drastically improve your photos for life, which is cheaper and more rewarding than thousands on marginally better gear (if you already have reasonably good stuff). That’s been my experience, anyway.

I saw @Matt_Payne was at $495 on his patreon and that line of thought encouraged me to get him to his $500 goal :slight_smile: There was some good extra ranting on this stuff in the bonus material too.

(Matt Payne) #3

Oh man, thank you so much Brent! I just posted my thank you video over on Patreon, btw… haha!

(Youssef Ismail) #4

Thanks Mat. It was a nice podcast and I remember being part of NPN back in 2000 when it first started and watched it grow and then wane. I never really left during its waning days but lurked quietly. The new site is great and it has reinvigorated this community of creatives.

(Chris Mitchell) #5

That podcast is basically why I’m here :joy:

(Jeff Anderson) #6

Another one who is here because of Matt’s podcast, so thanks again for that! I am really excited about this platform, as a person who is new to the photography world I am going to be able to learn A TON on here.

(Bruce Couch) #7

funny thing. I just listened to the podcast with @Shane_McDermott (episode 108). In the first few minutes, as a skeptic, I was thinking this was not going to be one of my favorites. I quickly found myself suprised at how much I liked it… and was even more suprised that it became my favorite.

Well done. And thanks for having Shane on.

(Matt Payne) #8

Sure thing! Glad you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out our new discussion board for the podcast here on NPN =)

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